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The first science museum in Ethiopia, Ethnological Museum, is located in the heart of the Technology and Science University in Addis Abeba. The exhibition team at MadaTech created and constructed the science museum entirely.

The 250-square-foot new museum features 30 interactive exhibits that cover a wide range of scientific topics.

The museum is a space that has been specifically created to preserve both old and new technology in various fields.


Embrace the beauty of the structure as you approach it:

A long line of interested onlookers waits to enter the dome-shaped science museum to see what it offers. The museum is perched elegantly atop the hill, and its grounds total 6.78 hectares. The museum's circular design is intended to symbolize human wisdom and ongoing development, demonstrating Ethiopia's dedication to advancing technology.

Explore the various levels for valuable information:

The complex has two floors with spiral stairs connecting them, and it is constructed on a 15,000-square-metre plot of land.

For the pan-African AI expo, the main floor has more than 38 startups showcasing their AI-related inventions and innovations throughout the halls.

The second floor features a solar farm, a roof garden for outdoor relaxation, and a beautiful 360-degree rooftop view.

Visit other amenities housed on the campus:

The premise includes a playground for kids, a wedding garden, and other recreation areas besides the science museum.

Learn about the promotion and recognition of talent in technology through exchange programs and conventions:

Ethiopia's rich indigenous knowledge, science, and art are curated at the recently opened Science Museum, along with contemporary technological advancements. It brings together artificial intelligence, computational science, engineering, and business experts to discuss African strategies for long-term development through AI through cutting-edge information and applications in manufacturing, geographic information systems, health care, finance, and other service sectors.

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Address of Ethnological Museum

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

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