Bole Medhane Alem Cathedral

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The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Medhane Alem Cathedral, whose name translates to 'Savior of the World,' is located in Bole Medhanealem, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. It is the largest Cathedral in Ethiopia and the second largest in Africa.

It stands out in Bole's primarily urban landscape thanks to its eye-catching turquoise domes and columnar facade. Upon completion, the contemporary Cathedral gained immediate notoriety as one of the biggest in Addis Ababa and the continent.


Admire the architectural beauty and soak in the intricately crafted details:

The church's interiors are tastefully decorated, with a balcony that looks down on the altar supported by a towering fence. The Cathedral is covered in large mosaics that show biblical scenes and saints. The outer walls of the inner shrine are covered in paintings and mosaics by the renowned Afewerk Tekle, while portions of the sky-blue ceiling boast gilded stars.

Learn about the inception:

It was built by Emperor Menelik II to honor his stunning Adwa victory over the Italians in 1896 and is dedicated to St. George, Ethiopia's patron saint, whose icon was carried into the battle

Know how the Cathedral has been part of historical ceremonies:

Additionally, the church served as the House of Solomon's royal church. Emperor Haile Selassie and Empress Zewditu were crowned in the Cathedral in 1917 and 1930, respectively. The Holy of Holies is the most critical section. Priests rotate while preaching to all sides of the church in this layout. There are 200 seats in the church.

Find regal antiquities that are renowned worldwide for religious significance:

The Cathedral houses a museum showcasing an imperial throne, weapons used in battles against the Italians, such as curved swords and tridents, and enormous helmets made from lions' manes.

Outside of St Mary of Zion in Aksum, it contains the best ecclesiastical accouterments in the nation. Beautiful crowns, crosses, prayer sticks, holy scrolls, ceremonial parasols, and Haile Selassie and Zewditu's coronation regalia are among the items.

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Address of Bole Medhane Alem Cathedral

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

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