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The Addis Ababa Museum, despite having only been established in 1986 to commemorate Addis' centennial, is the city's most dilapidated museum.

Even so, spending an hour or so looking through unguarded photographs of the legendary Empress Taitu, the rakish Lij Iyasu, and the stunning Empress Zewditu is still worthwhile.

Learn about the evolution of the hometown:

It's incredible to think that less than a century ago, the boisterous city outside was nothing more than a group of tents on a hill. A 'first-in-Ethiopia' room is also present, featuring images of Menelik with Bede Bentley in Addis Ababa's first automobile (1907) and Ethiopia's first telephone.

Ras Makonnen brought this back from Italy in 1890, and it's said that when the local priests first heard the inaudible voices, they believed telephones were the work of demons.

Embrace the culture and art here:

One of the best museums in Africa, with two floors dedicated to displaying the entirety of Ethiopia's cultural and social history.

It is housed in Haile Selassie's former palace and encircled by Addis Abeba University's lovely gardens and fountains.

Explore the multitude of rooms that span across subjects and generations:

It is housed in one of the oldest structures, which was formerly Ras Biru Wolde Gebriel's home, one of Emperor Menelik II's war lords.

It has seven halls.

1. Finfine hall

2. Edget hall

3. Alfred Elg hall

4. Adwa hall

5. Handicrafts hall

6. Collection of modern painting hall and

7. Ledet hall

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Address of Addis Ababa Museum

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

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