San Giorgio Maggiore

When people think of basilicas with scenic beauty in Venice, San Giorgio Maggiore often comes to mind. The architect Andrea Palladio completed the construction of this Basilica in 1576.

The church has a classic Renaissance-style interior, and its pristine white marble shines against the lagoon water across from the Piazzetta di San Marco.

How to explore San Giorgio Maggiore?

  • The outside of the Basilica is composed of dazzling marble, while the inside is meticulously designed to create the impression of vastness. The famous artist, Tintoretto, painted many paintings for the church, which are displayed on all three levels.
  • A painting by Sebastiano Ricci titled 'Madonna enthroned with Saints,' which was finished in 1708, may also be found in the Basilica. This painting in the whole of San Giorgio Maggiore is often regarded as the cathedral's crowning artistic achievement.
  • The facade features a typical Mannerist arrangement of Classical components, with a central pediment flanked by the two parts of a broken pediment.
  • Also noteworthy is the building's airy, well-lit interior, which features a high altar and a monastic choir separated by a screen of columns.
  • Saint Stephen, to whom the chapel is also dedicated, and Saint George flank the main entryway in the most creative statue form.
  • Gondolas bobbing in the lagoon in front of the church's facade will astound anyone standing on Piazza San Marco and looking across the canal.
  • The top of the bell tower in the Basilica offers a great view of Venice (Campanile di San Giorgio Maggiore). Only an elevator will take you to the observation deck, but at nearly the same height as the tower di San Marco, it is almost as convenient.
  • Visit the nearby attractions like the open-air theater Teatro Verde, the auditorium Los Squero, and the marina. These are also located on the same island as the church.
  • Go on a sailing excursion at the lagoon. If you are interested in sailing, you might inquire at the Compagnia Della Vela as to whether or not they are currently offering group sailing lessons.
  • You will also enjoy visiting the lighthouse. Located at the entrance of the San Giorgio Maggiore marina, this little lighthouse makes quite an impression. Take pictures with a stunning backdrop of the lighthouse.
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    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of San Giorgio Maggiore

Isola di S.Giorgio Maggiore, 30133 Venice , Italy

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