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The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is a must-see if you are in Italy and interested in 20th-century art from Europe and the United States. Across from the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal in Venice is the Palazzo Venier Dei Leoni, once the residence of Peggy Guggenheim.

The museum features the private collection of Peggy Guggenheim, the works of art amassed by Hannelore B. and Rudolph B. Schulhof, a sculpture garden, and special exhibitions. Included in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation is the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. The museum's mission is to acquire, archive, and provide context for works of contemporary art. They also contribute to the intercultural exchange of ideas through innovative curatorial and pedagogical programs and partnerships.

New York's The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao's The Guggenheim Museum, and Abu Dhabi's forthcoming Guggenheim are all part of this foundation.

Things to do in the Peggy Guggenheim Collection

  • Opt for The 'Double Meaning' Tactile Tour Program. This program is for people with and without visual impairments. It aids in forming a more concrete mental image of an exhibit featuring different kinds of artwork.
  • Participate in activities and workshops led by the museum’s educators if you are a teacher. This includes ateliers and guided tours to promote discussions, exchanges, and future developments among teachers. These programs offer educators free new materials and instructional resources and present new multidisciplinary courses.
  • The exhibition introduces and delves into Surrealist topics, including occultism, magic, alchemy, the realm of dreams, and the subconscious, through a diverse program of supplementary events hosted by the museum. The program is meant to celebrate the intriguing cultural and historical setting that the Surrealists referred to as 'a new modernity' or 'an enchanted modernity.'
  • Bring the kids to the museum on kid's day, so they can learn about Surrealist paintings, the moon, sun, world, and star that appear in them, and their symbolic significance. Through this, they understand the symbolism and numerology in tarot cards and are challenged to create their own interpretations of these themes.
  • You can participate in a treasure hunt workshop in one of the exhibition halls. This intriguing class will focus on tales of mystery and ambiguity from the streets of Venice, with esotericism, magic, and superstition as the backdrop.
  • National Day for Families is held at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection on October 8 and 9. This features workshops, free presentations, discounted Guggenheim Family Card subscriptions, and a special entrance ticket.
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Address of Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Dorsoduro, 701-704, 30123 Venice , Italy

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Peggy Guggenheim Collection

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