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Located in Venice, Italy, Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto) spans the Grand Canal with its characteristic stone arches. That bridge is the oldest one in Venice, and it is still in use today.

Ponte Della Moneta, named for the mint that flourished near one of its exits, was the first bridge built there. Construction began on this pontoon bridge in 1181, with architect Nicol Barattieri at the helm. The neighboring Rialto market caused a rise in traffic over the pontoon bridge, so in 1255 it was replaced with a wooden bridge.

Rialto was equipped with ramps on either side and a central, moveable platform to facilitate the passage of ships beneath the bridge. In addition, two rows of stores were constructed, the rent and taxes from which contributed to the bridge's upkeep. The bridge eventually became known as Rialto Bridge due to its proximity to the Rialto market.

During the uprising led by Bajamonte Tiepolo in 1310, a fire caused considerable damage to the bridge. In 1444, a crowd assembled to watch the boat parade commemorating the wedding of the marquis Ferrara causing it to collapse for the first time. Even after being reconstructed as a drawbridge, it failed again in 1524. The bridge was subsequently selected to be reconstructed in stone.

Rialto Bridge's current design was inspired by the one built in 1255. It is one of Venice's most popular tourist destinations, despite initial skepticism about its durability due to its innovative design.

Attractions near Rialto Bridge:

  • It features a central entrance, shops on either side and a total of three walkways, two of which are slanted. The single span for ships to pass through easily.
  • Visit Doge's palace nearby. The palace is a stunning example of Gothic architecture built over time, beginning with its original 14th- and 15th-century foundations and including important Renaissance and great Mannerist additions.
  • You can take a ferry ride along the Grande canal and across the bridge. This canal is a vital link in the city's network of waterways. The canal cuts a wide reverse-S shape through the heart of Venice. Photograph the stunning bridge from the tranquil canal.
  • Watching the 'dance' of the boats from the bridge is exhilarating whether you do so from a water taxi, a gondola, or on foot along the quays.
  • You can also stop at a café nearby for beverages or a meal and shop at the Rialto market.
  • Go to St. Mark Basilica, a cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Patriarchate of Venice. Brick exteriors and inner walls were eventually adorned with priceless stones and rare marbles to demonstrate the Republic's prosperity and authority.
  • Attend a concert in Teatro La Fenice near the bridge. It was one of the world's most prestigious opera houses in the early 20th century.
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Address of Rialto Bridge

Sestiere San Polo, 30125 Venice, Italy

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