Jabal Hisma

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As archeologists continue to find hints about ancient civilizations and port cities that date back millennia, Saudi Arabia is a country rich with historical mysteries and intrigues. There are significant traces of previous civilizations that called the desert landscapes their home in the Saudi province of Tabuk, including Jabal Hisma at the entrance side of Wadi Dham.

On the surface, Jabal Hisma, a rocky mountain primarily devoid of vegetation and composed of sandstones and sand, is a spectacular blend of hues over the plateaus and desert sand, providing a great setting and instructive hiking trails. The plateaus' distinctive look is a result of their long history of exposure to erosion. Many of them are said to be among the highest elevations in the area, rising about 1,000 meters above sea level.

History that will leave you awe-struck:

You can find rock carvings, the oldest of which belong to the Nabataean culture if you look at this environment more closely. Researchers have found texts written in the Arabic dialect of Hasmai, which is related to the Nabataean dialect and inscriptions that appear to show living creatures. When compared to the latter, Hasmai Arabic may be the first to include connecting alphabets that are identical to those in contemporary Arabic. Inscriptions from the early years of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula were also inscribed in Kufic Arabic, though they were more recent.

In truth, Jabal Hisma's history of diverse civilizations was greatly influenced by earlier, more hospitable temperatures. Researchers claim that the Thamudic civilization once flourished in this area, and merchants from the Levant used it as a significant commerce route. Additionally, it was formerly a part of several empires, including Mesopotamia, which is now Iraq.

Add it to your travel list:

In any case, Jabal Hisma can provide a fantastic desert setting for hikers in the northwest of the Kingdom to get lost in and explore the surrounding natural beauties at their leisure. On the other side, the area offers the possibility to learn about the history of the Kingdom and several historical places that are worth seeing. You can't go wrong by including Jabal Hisma on your travel itinerary, regardless of your objectives. Just make sure you have the right equipment, a competent driver, and an appropriate vehicle for the terrain.

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West of Tabuk city in the southwestern part of the Kingdom. Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

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