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One of Saudi Arabia's most stunning natural sceneries is the mountainous area known as Wadi Disah. For those looking to experience nature in its purest form, the valley offers a quiet retreat from the bustle of daily life.

The valley is 400 meters above sea level and is located in the Tabuk Province in the northern part of Saudi Arabia between two massive escarpments. The valley is best visited in the winter because the summers there are as scorching as those in the rest of southern Saudi Arabia. There are two entrances to the valley, however, many people think the southern entrance is prettier.


Because of the enormous sandstone cliffs that encircle the valley floor and are ideal for exploration, the name Al Disah translates to 'The Valley of Palm Trees.' Another factor in the large number of tourists that come to this valley each year is the great winter weather, which makes camping and trekking quite accessible.

The feeling of camping beneath a starry sky devoid of light pollution is breathtaking. At the valley's entrance, a lot of Saudis take picnics. Many visitors stay until the sunset to see the sun setting over the sandstone cliffs.

Best Things to Do:

Wadi Al Disah is the ideal location for hikers.

Rock climbing: Climb rocks through a pass near the village of Disah.

There are some antique structures as well as graves and writings that date back to the Nabatean era. A statue made by the Lihyanite people is one of the historical artifacts found in the valley.

If you enjoy viewing birds, don't forget your binoculars.

Pagoda Valley:

In the winter, Pagoda Valley is the ideal location for a picnic. The warmth of the open sun will keep you comfortable as you enjoy the scenery of the nearby rock formations and the chirping of the nearby birds for background music.

Water Spring AND Dates Picnic Groove

The water spring is located beneath the rock wall around 200 meters after the road ends, as you enter the central exploration area. It is apparent because you will see water running on the road; as you follow the source of the water flow, it will take you to the spring.

3000-year-old Rock Engraved Alphabets & Murals:

The granite wall and driving trail are visible on the right side of the empty riverbed a short distance from the water spring. This cliff has an alphabet etched on it as well as paintings painted by 3000-year-old people. Before the Arabic script was created, hundreds of years.

The area offers breathtaking views, a contrasting color of rocks, and unusual towering cliffs on both sides of the valley as you glance about. It was worth the effort to try to get there to see them as they reflected the sunlight.

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Address of Wadi Al Disah

4000 square meters away from Tabuk. It is in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Natural Reserve, Tabuk 45359 Saudi Arabia

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