Tabuk Castle

As one of the most significant historical sites in the area, Tabuk Castle is distinguished by its proximity to the place where Prophet Muhammad stayed during the Battle of Tabuk. The historic fortess is located at Shami Hajj Road, which connects the Madinah and Levant, not very far away from Jordanian border to Madinah which features important castles and stations.

Construction on the castle began in 1586. It was refurbished and restored once more in 1843 after being restored in 1653. A commemorative inscription can be seen on the mihrab of the mosque. The Agency for Antiquities and Museums in the former Ministry of Education carried out additional renovations to the castle in 1950 and 1992.

The General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage was instrumental in the castle's renovation in 2012 which houses an archaeological museum with a wide variety of relics and historical things on display.


The castle comprises two levels, with the ground floor housing a well, a courtyard, a mosque, and rooms.

The water station was one of the checkpoints on the Syrian Hajj road that welcomed the pilgrims, therefore this castle was constructed to safeguard it and to offer protection. Additionally, it has been linked to well-known adventurers like Evliya Celebi and Ibn Battuta.

Along with additional steps leading to the towers used for guarding and observation, the higher floor also includes a summer mosque that is open to the elements and rooms. There are royal pools behind the castle. The other is rectangular, while the first is square.

The historical eras and civilizations present in the Tabuk region, which has a legacy spanning several thousand years, are deeply reflected in the region's landmarks, castles, monuments, and palaces. Throughout history, its location has been crucial for trading routes.

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Address of Tabuk Castle

Al Amir Fahd Ibn Sultan Rd, Al'awayshah, Tabuk 47914 Saudi Arabia

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