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The Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba are visible from Hawaz Beach. The Gulf of Aqaba has a mild temperature with little humidity during the summer. The wind is prevalent in the northern region, while temperatures are mild. Beaches along the Red Sea can be found in the governorates of Al-Wajh, duba, and Umluj.

Locals regard Sharm Hawaz Beach as one of the most stunning developed beaches near Al Wajh city which is 45 km away to the north. It is six kilometers long and covers an area of 3.5 square kilometers, two kilometers north of Antar Bay.

Wadi Hawaz Beach's waters are 1 km long and 5 km broad. It has a circular form, is a natural inlet, has undeveloped beaches, and has extensive coral reef systems. Additionally, guests are not permitted in a section of the beach designated for turtles. 

The beaches in Tabuk have developed into a popular travel destination for visitors from various parts of the Kingdom who are lured to their unspoiled coastlines and natural beauty. More development initiatives are required for the beaches to support domestic tourism and offer services to tourists.

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Northern Saudi Arabia, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

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