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The mosque is regarded as one of the most significant landmarks in the Tabuk region because of its connection to the Battle of Tabuk. Due to its proximity to the Tabuk Castle, the Al Tawba Mosque in Tabuk was also known as the Castle Mosque. The mosque was also known as the Messenger's Mosque when the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) stayed there in the seventh century AD.

Importance of the Mosque:

During his 20-day stay at Tabuk, the Prophet Mohammad prayed with his companions at the site that is now known as Al-Tawbah Mosque because it was close to a spring that was flowing at the time and was known as Ain Sukar. During his visit, the mosque was referred to as the Messenger Mosque.

However, scholars referred to it as the Al-Tawbah Mosque since the Prophet (peace be upon him) received the Qur'anic Surat Al-Tawbah following the Battle of Tabuk. The structure is also known as the Castle Mosque by the locals because it is situated in the center of the historic district next to Tabuk Castle.

Construction and Reconstruction:

The Caliph Omar bin Abdulaziz constructed the Al-Tawbah Mosque while he was in charge of the city. Mud, stone, and palm leaves were used as building materials for the roof. Throughout the Ottoman era, it underwent several restorations, the majority of which were carried out in 1393 A.H. when King Faisal paid a visit. He commanded the mosque's reconstruction and Islamic-themed interior decoration.

The mosque can accommodate 3,000 worshipers, and the environment around it was eventually restored. In its current configuration, it includes one minaret, a classically arched entryway, and a sizable prayer hall with carpeting and exquisite chandeliers. Many of the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH) are buried in a cemetery next to the mosque.

Best Things to see and do:

The mosque is thought to have served as a fulcrum from which Tabuk developed its markets and districts, as well as a route for trade caravans and pilgrims traveling from the Levant. The structure is next to Tabuk's 200-year-old Al-Jadda Market, which is the city's oldest market. Due to the mosque's cultural significance, status as a significant historical site, and close link with the Prophet, visitors to Tabuk are eager to view it.

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Address of Al Tawba Mosque

At the Prophet's Mosque, Main Street, Al'awayshah, Tabuk 47914, Saudi Arabia

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