Al Lawz Mountain

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Despite being a desert nation, Saudi Arabia is home to several mountains that make for ideal summer and winter tourist destinations. One such stunning peak may be found in Tabuk Province and is known as Jabal Al Lawz, the Mountain of Almonds.

It has high scope points in the area, and the summit provides stunning views of the surroundings. The summits reach altitudes of up to 2,500 meters, or 8200 feet above sea level, which favorably influences snowfall and encourages winter travel. Jordan and Saudi Arabia are naturally divided by this amazing mountain.

Hike to the summit:

One of the activities that every hiker would love to check off their bucket list is snow trekking. In the winter, snow lovers can enjoy an exhilarating hiking experience by trekking in Jabal al Lawz. Trekking up the mountain gives you the chance to see the stunning quiet of the dunes covered with recently fallen snow.

Campers and hikers can access wide hiking trails that ascend the peak to the summit. The summit walk often takes two days. Additionally, there are pathways along the slopes where visitors can enjoy sledding and snowboarding. After a long hike, hikers might organize campfires at night to stay warm and recharge.

Visit the historic sites:

The mountain is connected to the Madayan region, where Prophet Moses spent a substantial amount of time. Without visiting the historical sites, such as an old quarry and incredibly old inscriptions on rock walls representing the now-extinct bovines, a trip to Jabal al Lawz would be incomplete. On the mountain's northwest slope, there are also some extraordinary elephant-shaped sculptures and unusual rock art.

Visit the old cemetery:

There is an old cemetery north of the Lawz mountain that many academics and archaeologists think is connected to the 'Golden Calf' incident. An estimated 3000 individuals who were worshipping a golden calf were killed as a result of the incident. The cemetery covers a significant area and is covered in gravestones of all sizes and shapes. Some are even five feet tall. Visitors who are interested in folklore should make sure to visit the graveyard.

Have fun in the snow:

The best place in Saudi Arabia to see snow practically yearly is without a doubt Jabal al Lawz. The mountain is the highest point in Saudi Arabia's northern region, hence it receives chilly weather and a lot of snowfall. Visitors can simply drive to the Jabal al Lawz, which is located north of Tabuk, and view the captivating environment blanketed in snow.

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