Russia FIFA World Cup 2018™ – The Ultimate Guide to Action, Drama, & Excitement

By Monalisha Mallick

  ●   25 May 18


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Are you a football fan and with bated breath waiting for the Russia FIFA World Cup 2018to begin? Then, this one is for you.

The biggest sporting action, the Russia FIFA World Cup 2018– is just few days away. 32 teams, 64 matches, 12 venues; all taking place in one country, Russia! In fact, this is one of the most awaited and electrifying sporting events that occurs once every four years. The opening match is scheduled to happen in the Russian capital of Moscow. The country has selected 11 host cities to be the venues for the matches of the Russia FIFA World Cup 2018and they are

  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Sochi
  • Kazan
  • Saransk
  • Kaliningrad
  • Volgograd
  • Rostov-on-Don
  • Nizhny Novgorod
  • Yekaterinburg
  • Samara


Here’s everything you need to know about Russia FIFA World Cup 2018. Read on and plan your Russia itinerary right away.

When the Russia FIFA World Cup 2018™ would start?

The most awaited Russia FIFA World Cup 2018finals will commence on June 14th 2018.

When is The Grand Finale?

Amidst massive fan frenzy, Russia FIFA World Cup 2018grand finale will take place on July 15, Sunday at the Luzhniki Stadium at 4 PM.

Russia FIFA World Cup 2018™ Match Schedule

Russia FIFA World Cup 2018 in Brazil involved a few late nights for European-based fans, so in a welcome move for Three Lions supporters and humble live bloggers, kick-off times in Russia are more social able this year.


Here we have listed down the complete match schedules, timings, stadium names, and TV listings.

THURSDAY, JUNE 14                                      

Russia vs. Saudi Arabia 11 a.m. ET Moscow Fox


Egypt vs. Uruguay 8 a.m. ET Yekaterinburg FS1
Morocco vs. Iran 11 a.m. ET Saint Petersburg Fox
Portugal vs. Spain 2 p.m. ET Sochi Fox


France vs. Australia 6 a.m. ET Kazan FS1
Argentina vs. Iceland 10 a.m. ET Moscow Fox
Peru vs. Denmark 12 p.m. ET Saransk FS1
Croatia vs. Nigeria 3 p.m. ET Kaliningrad FS1


Costa Rica vs. Serbia 8 a.m. ET Samara Fox
Germany vs. Mexico 11 a.m. ET Moscow FS1
Brazil vs. Switzerland 2 p.m. ET Rostov FS1


Sweden vs. South Korea 8 a.m. ET Nizhny Novgorod FS1
Belgium vs. Panama 11 a.m. ET Sochi FS1
Tunisia vs. England 2 p.m. ET Volgograd FS1


Poland vs. Senegal 8 a.m. ET Moscow FS1
Colombia vs. Japan 11 a.m. ET Saransk Fox
Russia vs. Egypt 2 p.m. ET Saint Petersburg Fox


Portugal vs. Morocco 8 a.m. ET Moscow FS1
Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia 11 a.m. ET Rostov Fox
Iran vs. Spain 2 p.m. ET Kazan Fox


France vs. Peru 8 a.m. ET Yekaterinburg FS1
Denmark vs. Australia 11 a.m. ET Samara Fox
Argentina vs. Croatia 2 p.m. ET Nizhny Novgorod Fox


Brazil vs. Costa Rica 8 a.m. ET Saint Petersburg FS1
Nigeria vs. Iceland 11 a.m. ET Volgograd Fox
Serbia vs. Switzerland 2 p.m. ET Kaliningrad Fox


Belgium vs. Tunisia 8 a.m. ET Moscow Fox
Germany vs. Sweden 11 a.m. ET Sochi Fox
South Korea vs. Mexico 2 p.m. ET Rostov Fox


England vs. Panama 8 a.m. ET Nizhny Novgorod FS1
Japan vs. Senegal 11 a.m. ET Yekaterinburg Fox
Poland vs. Colombia 2 p.m. ET Kazan Fox


Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt 10 a.m. ET Volgograd Fox/FS1
Uruguay vs. Russia 10 a.m. ET Samara Fox/FS1
Iran vs. Portugal 2 p.m. ET Saransk Fox/FS1
Spain vs. Morocco 2 p.m. ET Kaliningrad Fox/FS1


Australia vs. Peru 10 a.m. ET Sochi Fox/FS1
Denmark vs. France 10 a.m. ET Moscow Fox/FS1
Iceland vs. Croatia 2 p.m. ET Rostov Fox/FS1
Nigeria vs. Argentina 2 p.m. ET Saint Petersburg Fox/FS1


South Korea vs. Germany 10 a.m. ET Kazan Fox/FS1
Mexico vs. Sweden 10 a.m. ET Yekaterinburg Fox/FS1
Switzerland vs. Costa Rica 2 p.m. ET Nizhny Novgorod Fox/FS1
Serbia vs. Brazil 2 p.m. ET Saint Petersburg Fox/FS1


Japan vs. Poland 10 a.m. ET Volgograd Fox/FS1
Senegal vs. Colombia 10 a.m. ET Samara Fox/FS1
England vs. Belgium 2 p.m. ET Kaliningrad Fox/FS1
Panama vs. Tunisia 2 p.m. ET Saransk Fox/FS1


Round of 16: Match 50: Group C winner vs. Group D runner-up 10 a.m. ET Kazan Fox/FS1
Round of 16: Match 49: Group A winner vs. Group B runner-up 2 p.m. ET Sochi Fox/FS1


Round of 16: Match 51: Group B winner vs. Group A runner-up 10 a.m. ET Moscow Fox/FS1
Round of 16: Match 52: Group D winner vs. Group C runner-up 2 p.m. ET Nizhny Novgorod Fox/FS1


Round of 16: Match 53: Group E winner vs. Group F runner-up 10 a.m. ET Samara Fox/FS1
Round of 16: Match 54: Group G winner vs. Group H runner-up 2 p.m. ET Rostov Fox/FS1


Round of 16: Match 55: (Group F winner vs. Group E runner-up) 10 a.m. ET Saint Petersburg Fox/FS1
Round of 16: Match 56 (Group H winner vs. Group G runner-up) 2 p.m. ET Rostov Fox/FS1


Quarterfinal: Match 57: (Match 49 winner vs. Match 50 winner) 10 a.m. ET Nizhny Novgorod FS1
Quarterfinal: Match 58: (Match 53 winner vs. Match 54 winner) 2 p.m. ET Kazan FS1


Quarterfinal: Match 60 (Match 55 winner vs. Match 66 winner) 10 a.m. ET Samara Fox
Quarterfinal: Match 59 (Match 51 winner vs. Match 52 winner) 2 p.m. ET Sochi Fox


Semifinal: Match 61 (Match 57 winner vs. Match 58 winner) 2 p.m. ET Saint Petersburg Fox


Semifinal: Match 62 (Match 59 winner vs. Match 60 winner) 2 p.m. ET Moscow Fox


Third-place match: Match 63 (Match 61 loser vs. Match 62 loser) 10 a.m. ET Saint Petersburg Fox


Final: Match 64 (Match 61 winner vs. Match 62 winner) 11 a.m. ET Moscow Fox


Here’s a detailed guide about the host cities, stadiums, respective game fixtures, and attractions nearby the stadium.



The Russia FIFA World Cup 2018™ is all set to kick off in Russia’s capital city – Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium. The Spartak Stadium in Moscow will also held four group stage matches and one of the Round 16 games. The spectators can experience the arena’s electric atmosphere during the semi-final and much-anticipated final of the tournament.

Attractions nearby Luzhniki Stadium:

  • Saint Basil’s Cathedral
  • Lenin’s Mausoleum
  • Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow
  • Kremlin Armoury
  • Moscow Kremlin

Saint Petersburg

A new state-of-the-art stadium is being built on Krestovsky Island in Saint Petersburg in honor of the tournament. Football fans will pack into the ultra-modern stadium to witness four group stage matches, as well as one of the adrenaline-pumping semi-finals.

Attractions nearby Krestovsky Stadium:

  • Hermitage Museum
  • Winter Palace
  • Peterhof Palace
  • Church of the Savior on Blood
  • Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

Saint Petersburg


Kaliningrad Stadium will entertain football lovers from all over the world with four group stage matches. Bag tickets for one of the matches in Kaliningrad and enjoy the charm of the beautiful city.

Attractions nearby Kaliningrad Stadium:

  • Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum
  • Königsberg Cathedral
  • Königsberg Castle
  • Muzey Mirovogo Okeana
  • Kaliningrad Zoo

Nizhny Novgorod

Head to Nizhny Novgorod, just a few hours from Moscow, to enjoy a number of group matches, a Round 16 game and one of the quarter-finals at the city’s stadium.

Attractions nearby the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium:

  • Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin
  • Park Shveytsariya
  • Limpopo
  • Nizhny Novgorod Cableway
  • Nizhny Novgorod State Art Museum


Make your way to Kazan Arena to enjoy one of the tournament’s quarter-final matches, as well as four group stage games.

Attractions nearby Kazan Arena:

  • Kazan Kremlin
  • Qolşärif Mosque
  • Chornoye Ozero
  • Tsentral’nyy Park Kul’tury I Otdykha Imeni Gor’kogo
  • Millennium Park of Kazan


A number of all-important group matches will be played at Yekaterinburg Arena throughout June. If you’ve already booked the flight tickets, then plan how to spend your valuable time in this dynamic Russian city.

Attractions nearby Central Stadium Yekaterinburg Stadium:

  • Church of All Saints, Yekaterinburg
  • Historic Square
  • Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center
  • Yekaterinburg Zoo
  • Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts


Make your way to Saransk to watch one of the group matches being played at Mordovia Arena. This city in central Russia is bursting with charm, perfect for a short sporting break.

Attractions nearby Mordovia Arena:

  • Gorodskoy park kultury i otdykha
  • Cathedral of St. Theodore Ushakov
  • Ioanno-Bogoslovskiy Kafedral’nyy Sobor
  • Ploshchad’ Tysyacheletiya
  • Memorial’nyy Muzey Voyennogo I Trudovogo Podviga 1941-1945


Samara Arena will be entertaining the crowds throughout the group stages of the tournament, as well the quarter final. If you can make yourself away from the sporting festivities, make sure to spend your time exploring this lively port city.

Attractions nearby Cosmos Arena:

  • Samarskaya Luka National Park
  • Samara embankment
  • Stalin’s bunker
  • Yuri Gagarin Park
  • Samara Zagorodnyy Park


Football fan and history lover? You’re in the right place. Experience the fun of the group stage matches at the newly built Volgograd Arena.

Attractions nearby the Volgograd Arena:

  • Mamayev Kurgan
  • The Motherland Calls
  • Pavlov’s House
  • Muzey-Zapovednik “Staraya Sarepta”
  • Hall of Military Glory



Sochi’s Fisht Olympic Stadium will be home to four group stage matches and one of the tournament’s quarter-finals. Maximize your time in Sochi and explore the treasures of this attractive Black Sea resort.

Attractions nearby the Fisht Olympic Stadium:

  • Dolphinarium “Riviera”
  • Marine Station
  • Tiso-Samshitovaya Roshcha
  • Orlinyye Skaly
  • Friendship Tree


Join in the fun and energetic aura at Rostov Arena throughout the group stages of the tournament, as well as one of the Round 16 games. When you’re not cheering on your favorite team, discover the cosmopolitan city of Rostov-on-Don.

Attractions nearby the Rostov Arena:

  • Rostovskiy Zoopark
  • Gorky Park
  • Park Im. Oktyabr’skoy Revolyutsii
  • H2O
  • Botanical Garden of the SFU

All the host cities are well connected with regular flights to Moscow and to major cities across the world.

How to Obtain the Russia Visit Visa for Russia FIFA World Cup 2018™?

Russia made several tweaks and relaxed the visa policy for the Russia FIFA World Cup 2018™. Only an official identity document known as a FAN ID would be required along with valid Passport. The FAN ID would be issued by the Russian authorities free of cost.

Fan ID Russia

How to Apply for Russia Fan-ID for Russia FIFA World Cup 2018™?

If you have an official match ticket then only you can apply for Fan-ID. This replaces the need to apply for a visa. Apply for your Fan-ID as soon as you receive your match ticket and make sure it covers the duration of your intended stay in Russia.

If your Fan-ID is stolen or lost, then you can get a duplicate from Fan-ID distribution centers located across the country or from your local embassy.

Note:  From June 4 to July 25, 2018, all the Fan-ID holders are permitted to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation.

How to get the Russia FIFA World Cup 2018™ match tickets?

All Tickets will be allocated to Ticket Applicants on a First Come First Served basis; therefore, it is highly advised to place your ticket applications order online and as soon as the sales period opens.

Match tickets allocated by FIFA during Sales Phase (1) and Sales Phase (2) will be delivered by courier to your address, with the exception of the situations that are listed in the Ticket Sales Regulations. FIFA authorities will begin ticket deliveries in April/May 2018.

If you purchase Match Tickets during the Last Minute Sales Period, then your Tickets will be made available for collection at the Ticket Collection Locations, starting from 18 April until the final Match day.

Getting around during Russia FIFA World Cup 2018™

Russia Train Transportation

During the game days, the host cities will have free transport to and from airports as well as free public transit. And spectators can make use of free transport between tournament host cities.

Additional trains will travel between host cities during the Russia FIFA World Cup 2018. More than 700 additional trains will transport spectators between 11 host cities.

Things to Know About Free Transportation

Russia Buses

  • The right to free transport is offered on First Come First Served basis.
  • Spectators without a match ticket to the game cannot make use of the right for free transportation via additional train.
  • Only Match Ticket and FAN ID holders will be allowed to board additional free trains.
  • Free transport Registration stops 24 hours before the departure of the additional train.

What to eat and drink In Russia?

Russia Cuisine

Your taste buds are sure to be delighted in Russia! The food here is simple yet delicious. Try These Russian specialties:

Solyanka: It’s a Russian soup stew, which is made either of meat, fish, or mushroom with finely cut pickles, onions, herbs and spices all mixed with sour cream in a pot. Solyanka is available in all restaurants and eateries.

Caviar: Both black and red salmon caviar are a must try. Caviar is available at supermarkets and restaurants across Russia.

Kvass: A fermented drink made of bread or rye that contains malt. In summers, rusty trucks drive around selling these in cups for petty change.

Things you should not do during the Russia FIFA World Cup 2018™

  • Don’t trust anyone blindly
  • Take care of your belongings
  • Don’t overlook or argue with the elderly in public
  • No photography of government buildings
  • Stop when done by the police. Carry a photocopy of your passport, visa and registration, and present them when an officer demands to see your documents.

Russia is Ready, Are You?

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Russia FIFA World Cup 2018™ – The Ultimate Guide to Action, Drama, & Excitement