The Experimentanium is a place where the world's phenomena and scientific rules are fascinatingly studied. Visitors participate in scientific trials and experiments. More than 300 interactive exhibits make new information about acoustics, electricity, magnetism, and mechanics crystal obvious. Your intellect will be challenged by puzzles and optical illusions. You may watch amazing short performances, a hydrogen explosion, a potato gun, and more here.

All fundamental scientific disciplines are covered in an interactive exhibition at the Experimentarium Science Museum. Each area has a ton of interactive exhibits that invite exploration, gathering, puzzle-solving, twisting, and shouting. One must participate, in each to have fun experience in their trip! Mini-shows are free, while other performances and activities have an additional cost.


The displays include ones simulating the formation of tornadoes and clouds, the Tesla plasma ball, a scale model of a US-built truck, the mechanisms underlying whirlpools and sea waves, the Mindball game, in which you control a ball solely with your mind, and the ABC of the Renaissance Mechanics, which showcases replicas of devices created by Leonardo da Vinci more than five hundred years ago.

Experimentanium presents infotainment events featuring scientific experiments on the weekends, on official holidays, and over the summer.

The children's science museum also offers a theater where children of all ages can watch science-related films. In addition, Experimentanium offers courses in controlling, maintaining, and programming quadrotors. Additionally, the museum offers enjoyable physics lessons for schoolchildren. At the museum, there are talks and an actual laboratory where visitors can perform experiments and investigations under the supervision of a guide.

The museum's three floors are taken up by the exhibition, which is organized into eight blocks based on themes including mechanics, optics, magnetism, hydrodynamics, space travel, acoustics, electricity, and automotive manufacturing. Every exhibit is a mechanism or device that is moved by a magnet or lever.

Here, you can see and watch in action mechanisms that mimic Tesla's plasma ball, models of Renaissance mechanisms, the appearance of clouds and a hurricane, as well as a water installation that was made with assistance from the energy storage company RusHydro, which is a favorite attraction with young visitors. It makes it crystal plain how whirlpools are created, how a water mill operates, and where the ocean waves originate.

For young birthday celebrants, there are also special holiday science and entertainment programs featuring puzzles and activities. Experimentanium hosts science exhibitions and trips for kids with impairments, orphans, and kids from low-income households as part of the Accessible Science project.

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Leningradskiy Ave., 80/11 Sokol subway station, Moscow 125190 Russia

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