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The Trevi Fountain, also known as Fontana di Trevi, is the most well-known monument in Rome. It is ranked first on this list. This fountain, which serves as a timeless representation of this magnificent city, also happens to be a popular free site that draws about 1,200 visitors every hour. This sculptured monument may be found in Rome's ancient center, located on a square not far from the intersection of Via del Lavatore, Via di S. Vincenzo, and Via Della Stamperia. The legendary Trevi Fountain, which was constructed in the year 1762 and rebuilt in the year 2015 by Fendi, is renowned throughout the world as a conceptualized monument that conveys a narrative to its viewers. Each sculpture and carving in the fountain is personalized to represent significant figures. The opulent and romantic Trevi Fountain has drawn both tourists and a lot of filmmakers to use it as a backdrop. Most tourists agree that the fountain appears finest at night. A wonderful romantic atmosphere is created by the moon reflecting its light on the bottom of the fountain, the gravel shimmering, and the immaculate white marble sparkling from the streetlights. However, catching a glance at the fountain at daybreak is also a beautiful sight. Therefore, once you visit this famous example of grandeur, be sure to enjoy every second of it!

Best things to do at Trevi Fountain:

The tradition of throwing a coin into the fountain and making a wish draws throngs of tourists to the Trevi Fountain. Many people believe that tossing a coin will bring them back to Rome, the Eternal City and that tossing a second coin will bring them, love. A third toss of the coin will guarantee marriage. Many popular movie scenes have been filmed at Rome's renowned Trevi Fountain over the years. This fountain is renowned as a lovely site since it was used as the backdrop for several legendary films, including Jean Negulesco's Three Coins in a Fountain, Julia Roberts' Eat, Pray, Love, and Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita. No visitor should leave Trevi Fountain without having enjoyed reliving some memorable movie moments. The Palazzo Poli serves as the stunning background to the mesmerizing Trevi Fountain, which is 160 feet wide and 85 feet tall. Every day, this extravagant fountain spills gallons of water, creating a completely alluring image. It's easy to become sidetracked by the numerous photo opportunities and large crowds, but try to set aside some time to be in awe of the size and delicacy of this magnificent sculptural fountain.

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Piazza di Trevi, 00187 Rome Italy

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