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The Roman Forum, a great complex of temples, basilicas, and lively public spaces, is an amazing but somewhat perplexing sprawl of remains. The site, which was formerly a wet burial ground, underwent development in the seventh century BCE and eventually expanded to become the political, social, and economic center of the Roman Empire. There's something incredibly alluring about following in the footsteps of Julius Caesar and other legendary figures from Roman history if you can get your imagination going. The Curia, the Tempio di Saturno, the Arco di Severo, and the Arco di Tito are notable landmarks.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Antiqua:

The oldest and most significant Christian site on the forum is the nearby Chiesa di Santa Maria Antiqua, which dates back to the sixth century. Its vast interior, which underwent extensive restoration and was reopened in 2016, is a treasure trove of early Christian art, featuring stunning murals from the 6th to the 9th century and one of the earliest icons in existence—a hanging image of the Virgin Mary giving birth. The Rampa di Domiziano, a sizable underground conduit that allowed the emperors to enter the forum from their Palatine castles without being seen, is reachable from the church.

Tempio di Castore e Polluce and Basilica Giulia:

The stubby remnants of the Basilica Giulia, which was started by Julius Caesar and finished by Augustus, may be found on the southern side of Piazza del Foro. Three columns from the Tempio di Castore e Polluce, built in the fifth century BCE, are still present at the basilica's conclusion.


The Casa delle Vestali, which is located back toward Via Sacra, was the residence of the Vestal Virgins, who looked after the sacred flame in the nearby Tempio di Vesta. You will reach the Basilica di Massenzio, the largest structure on the forum, by continuing up Via Sacra after passing the Tempio di Romolo, which is a circular structure. It was initially built by Emperor Maxentius and completed by Constantine in 315, measuring almost three times as much as it does presently.

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