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Locals refer to Peterskirche, also known as 'Alter Peter' (Old Pete), as the place around Munich has developed. It replaced an earlier 8th-century monastery and pre-Merovingian church and was built in the 12th century.

The monks who resided there referred to the hill as 'Petersberg' (Peter's Hill). As 'Munchen' comes from the German word 'Monch,' which means monk, the city was subsequently given their names.

Not only is St. Peter's one of Munich's most well-known churches, but it is also a prominent landmark in the state capital. It is the oldest parish church, housing the city's oldest bells and the first tower clocks.

Due to the numerous alterations and renovations made throughout the Church's long history, the interior and exterior of the Shrine today exhibit elements of various architectural styles. Visitors are transported back by the weathered grave slabs that line the church's exterior walls.


  • Take in one of the most breathtaking views of Munich from St. Peter's tower:

If you feel up to it, you can climb the church tower, also referred to as 'Alter Peter' (Old Pete). You are only 306 steps away from one of the best views of Munich's historic district at 92 meters (300 feet).

It is one of the most well-liked vantage, and you can see up to 100 kilometers away on clear days. Marienplatz with City Hall (Rathaus) and the Church of Our Lady behind it are visible from the viewing platform in St. Peter's, located at a height of 56 meters. Locals affectionately refer to its tower as 'Alter Peter' (Old Peter).

  • There are many art treasures to discover inside:

The St. Martin-Altar and ceiling fresco by Johann Baptist Zimmermann stand out among the church's interior's mixture of Gothic, Baroque, and Rococo architectural styles, which faithfully reflect the building's long history.

The second chapel on the left, which houses a somewhat unusual relic—the bejeweled skeleton of Saint Munditia, covered in gold and embellished with precious stones—is one of Peterskirche's features frequently draws visitors' attention.

  • Four authentic historical bells from the Late Middle Ages and the Baroque era are among the eight bells that hang in the church tower:

The abundance of clocks in Alte Peter is another feature that sets it apart.

There are eight clocks in all on the tower. The Arme Sünder bell, also known as the 'Poor Sinners' bell, is the smallest and oldest bell in Alte Peter. It dates back to the time following the city fire of 1327 and used to ring out during executions on Marienplatz. It currently hangs on the tower's ground floor, behind a barred window.

You might even be able to see them if you go to the tower through the window to the belfry.

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Address of St. Peter's Church

Rindermarkt 1, 80331 München, Germany

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