English Garden

The English Garden, also known as the Englischer Garten, can be found in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Munich.

The name refers to a particular type of landscape common in Britain (and other parts of the world) from the middle of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century. Rent a paddle boat, take a walk along the 48.5 miles of wooded paths, explore buildings transported from other countries, and stop at one of the four gardens in the English Garden.

It is one of Europe's largest city parks and even larger than Central Park in New York City.


  • This lush oasis is a wonderful place to explore and take a break from the city's other attractions while in Munich.

As you make way through the park, you will eventually find yourself at Kleinhesseloher See, a tranquil lake ideal for paddling a canoe around or enjoying at Seehaus garden perched on the lake's shores.

  • Both onlookers and people interested in actually fishing gather at the same location on the Eisbach river:

Near Prinzregentenstraße, inquisitive tourists congregate to watch surfers challenge the powerful currents that come from the waterway. These tourists applaud the surfers for their efforts regardless of whether the surfers are successful or not.

  • Lawn Mowing Sheep is a ritual worth watching:

A sheep farm in Hirschau keeps the lawns looking sheared and saves taxpayers €100,000 per year!

Keep an eye out for scattered groups of animals that are good for the environment working.

The English Garden's Eating Establishments

  • The Chinese Tower, also known as the Chinesischer Turm, is the most recognizable feature of the English Garden. It is made of wood and stands 82 feet tall. The garden also boasts a worldwide reputation.
  • The Japanisches Teehaus is another example of how Asian culture has been incorporated into the English Garden (Japanese Teahouse). Traditional tea ceremonies occur monthly in this venue, constructed in 1972 for the Olympic Games.
  • Zum Aumeister is a restaurant and beer garden surrounded by the canopies of old chestnut trees while looking out onto a beautiful pond. It can be found in the uppermost section of the English Garden.
  • Seehaus is a garden and restaurant that is well-known for its traditional dishes as well as its delectable selection of seafood. It is located on the shores of 'Kleinhesseloher Lake.'
  • Hirschau: Parents can relax and listen to live jazz while their children play on the expansive playground or on the adjacent miniature golf course.
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