Nymphenburg Palace

Schloss Nymphenburg is a striking, lavishly decorated Baroque-style palace located in the west of Munich that was constructed in 1664 as a summer home for the Wittelsbach family.


  • The palace offers visitors the chance to interact with contemporary royalty:

Franz, Duke of Bavaria, who currently serves as the head of the Wittelsbach family, continues to reside and conduct business from Nymphenburg Palace.

  • Nymphenburg Palace's museums

The Marstallmuseum, or 'museum in former royal stables,' is one of the most significant court carriage museums in the world and is home to a sizable exhibition of lavish royal coaches. The largest collection of porcelain across the world is also located upstairs on the first floor.

  • A number of pavilions, or miniature palaces, can be found in the gardens and are well worth a visit:
  • Amalienburg: Although this Rococo-style hunting lodge is small, it is certainly not lacking in decoration. Take a look at the stunning gilt and crystal accents throughout the rooms.
  • Badenburg: A banquet hall and the sauna and bathing house's original heating system are still in place.
  • Pagodenburg: The two-story pagoda was constructed in the early 18th century in the style of a Chinese teahouse as a place to unwind after playing 'mailspiel,' a popular game at the time that is similar to golf.
  • Magdalenenklause was a mock hermitage used for meditation and as an escape from the rigours of court life. It was constructed in a faux-ruin style.

  • Gardens and grounds will take your breath away:

One of the best features of Nymphenburg Palace is the 490-acre park that surrounds the building. The Grand Parterre and other Baroque garden components have been kept, but the majority of the garden has been simplified. The park serves as a refuge for both wildlife and the citizens of Munich. Numerous animals like deer, rabbits, foxes, frogs, swans, and dragonflies add to Nymphenburg Palace's beauty.

Park palaces like Pagodenburg, Badenburg, Magdalenenklause, and Amalienburg dot the landscape.

  • Water play adds to the beauty:

With cascading waterfalls and erupting geysers, water plays an important part in the park. The cast iron pumps keep the water flowing. The oldest continuously running machine in Europe, they have been in use for more than 200 years. Two lakes are located on either side of the canal, continuing the water theme. Visitors can take a gondola ride during the summer to take in the tranquil atmosphere:

  • Pay a visit to the charming little Pagodenburg, a 'Maison de Plaisance.'

The name 'pagoda castle' refers to the Chinese tapestries, tiles, and lacquerware that are used to decorate each and every tiny room.

It's quite small, but just as lovely.

  • Feel winter in wonderlandish:

If you're really fortunate, the lake and channel in front of the palace will freeze over, giving you the opportunity to go ice skating or engage in a game of bavarian curling.

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    2 hours

Address of Nymphenburg Palace

Schloß Nymphenburg 1, 80638 München, Germany

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