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In the Maxvorstadt neighborhood of Munich, Germany, there is a museum known as the NS-Dokumentationszentrum. This museum focuses on the history and consequences of the Nazi regime and Munich's role as the Hauptstadt der Bewegung (literally 'capital of the movement').


  • Learn about how the city played a role in Nazi regime:

Munich is the city most closely associated with the rise of National Socialism than any other city, and this is because Munich was where the Nazi Party (NSDAP) was established.

The Munich Documentation Center is committed to addressing the city's complex history. It is appropriately situated on the site of the former 'Brown House,' which served as the headquarters of the Nazi Party. It communicates the history of National Socialism with an eye toward the present and the future. Additionally, the center considers the information provided is geared toward people of all ages. It tries to address persistent issues such as exclusion, racism, anti-Semitism, and discrimination by promoting knowledge, awareness, and conversation about these issues. The historical experience of living under the Nazi dictatorship in the context of the present day and the wider world.

  • Rich memoirs and engaging activities keep the onlookers glued for more information about Nazi rule:

The National Socialist Documentation Center in Munich takes a critical look at the history of Munich before, during, and after the time of the National Socialist regime across its four floors and 1,300 square meters of exhibition space. History is examined through the present and future lenses in exhibitions, events, projects, and educational programming.

  • It is a place for conferences and meetups of bureaucrats and politicians:

A multipurpose hall with seating for two hundred people can serve various purposes, including presentations, panel discussions with witnesses of the National Socialist era, screenings of films, and conferences.

  • Look into the archives and learning forum in which essential information is communicated via multimedia:

Because of this, the exhibition's contents can be investigated in greater detail; consequently, this offer is directed toward individuals and groups. It is possible to conduct research in this location on topics such as the origins and growth of the NSDAP in Munich and the biographies and residences of people persecuted by the Nazi regime. The learning forum's primary objective is to discuss these difficult subjects in a manner that is respectful to all parties involved and does not discriminate in any way.

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    2 hours

Address of NS-Dokumentationszentrum Muenchen

Max-Mannheimer-Platz 1, 80333 München, Germany

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NS-Dokumentationszentrum Muenchen