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Hellabrunn Zoo, the first geozoo in the world when it opened in 1911, is a fascinating excursion for kids and adults. And today, in a landscape conservation area right on the Isar river in Munich, about 18,500 animals still call this place home.


  • Indulge in globe-trotting:

Because they are segregated by continent, visiting this zoo is like traveling the world—from the Arctic to Africa, Europe to Asia, and America to Australia. The Isar River floodplains' natural beauty surrounds the animals as they coexist in natural communities inside enclosures.

Over 500 foreign and native species have established homes here, including giraffes, the Alpine ibex, and leafcutter ants.

  • It is an entire ecosystem here:

The historic elephant house has been renovated, and the bat cave and a jungle world are among the highlights. The mill village, another recent addition, allows you to look closely at the local flora and fauna. Native fish species are also bred next to the Auer Mühlbach and released into the nearby waters.

  • Exciting and engaging programs keep the excitement alive:

Younger visitors will find the zoo especially exciting because it has two playgrounds, a petting zoo with pygmy goats and Hellabrunn Kinderland (Hellabrunn Children's World), which are sure to get every child's heart pumping.

The regular tours, animal shows, and feeding events, like the polar bear talk, sea lion training, and bird of prey and dove shows, promise breathtaking experiences, a wealth of knowledge, and entertainment.

  • The preservation efforts are praiseworthy:

In addition to numerous species protection projects in which we support animals threatened worldwide in their habitat, it is just as important for Hellabrunn Zoo to be committed to protecting and preserving native biodiversity. Working on projects that ensure the survival of native species and, thus, biological diversity is an essential part of our work and research.

  • Pet shops

Whether it's your newly won favorite animal as a plush toy, a gift for an animal-loving friend, or a postcard for those who stayed home. In the two zoo shops at the Isar and Flamingo entrances, you will find a varied selection of toys, animal figures, postcards, and books. So you can take a bit of the zoo home with you in the form of gifts, souvenirs, and souvenirs.

  • The village shop in Mühlendorf

With a large piece of home-baked cake in an alpine village ambiance, you can forget that you are not sitting in grandma's kitchen. In the village shop, there are local delicacies entirely Bavarian. In addition, you get to learn a lot about the production and origin of various foods and buy regional products in the village shop.

  • Dine after a hectic tour:

There are many options available for visitors if all the walking around the zoo has made them hungry, including the restaurant, a pizzeria, a café, kiosks, and a crepe stand.

  • The Flamingo Restaurant at Munich's Hellabrunn Zoo welcomes visitors in a cheerful, upbeat setting.
  • Tao Garden is hard to miss, right in the heart of the Asia geozone. A culinary journey with a colorful variety of salads, pasta dishes, and sweet desserts awaits you.
  • The Café Rhino has a children's playground and offers Italian panini, handmade, oven-fresh pizzas, delicious cakes, and coffee specialties.
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Address of Munchener Tierpark Hellabrunn

Tierparkstraße 30, 81543 München, Germany

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Munchener Tierpark Hellabrunn