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The Queen's Necklace, known as Marine Drive, is one of Mumbai's most famous monuments. The Arabian Sea's arc-shaped bay-side boulevard in South Mumbai is ideal for leisurely walks and stunning sunsets. Visitors also visit to practice photography and sample some of the local cuisines.


  • Breath in some fresh air by the seaside after a long strenuous day:

It is calming to look at the Arabian Sea's dazzling seas and feel the magnificent chilly breeze. These streets are unquestionably the ideal hangout for people of all ages! Locals and visitors frequent Marine Drive daily to take a break from their routine lives and breathe fresh air. The locals come here frequently in the morning and evening to stroll, jog, and perform some basic exercises.

  • Nana-Nani Park is a relatively new attraction and is a true refuge for the elderly.

People also enjoy staying up late on Marine Drive and having a wonderful time in this tranquil setting.

  • Find serenity at The Kilachand Chowk:

The Kilachand Chowk is unquestionably the right location if you enjoy spending time in a peaceful setting.

  • Embrace indigenousness at Bhikha Behram:

The well is one of India's heritage sites, and it is situated in South Mumbai between Churchgate and Fountain.

  • Admire the inconspicuous Wellington Fountain:

Despite being 'seen' by numerous people daily, the Wellington Fountain is not 'noticed' for its presence. It is a little, tasteful monument from the 1860s, and 2018 saw this place get a significant accolade from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage. Between the Regal Theater and Chatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sangrahalaya, the area is presently known as Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Chowk and functions as a circular parking lot (the former Prince of Wales Museum).

  • Learn about life and lifestyle:

Along the length of Marine Drive, there are numerous sports clubs located. These include members-only organizations such as the Mumbai Police Gymkhana, P. J. Hindu Gymkhana, and Islam Gymkhana, which are close to the Brabourne Stadium and Wankhede Stadium, respectively.

  • Experience luxe staycations at star hotels:

The 5-star Oberoi (formerly known as the Oberoi Hilton Tower, The Intercontinental, Hotel Marine Plaza, Sea Green Hotel, and a few other smaller hotels are the most notable among them.

  • Sort your retail therapy needs at The Bombay Store:

The store, which is 1.2 kilometers from Marine Drive, is well-known for its impressive selection of goods that perfectly captures the fusion of traditional and modern Indian culture.

  • Spare time for self-care at spas and salons:

Near Marine Drive, several spas promote the renewal of the body, mind, and spirit.

  • Indulge in world-famous Mumbaikar favorites at Beach Chowpatty:

Chowpatty Beach is located near Marine Drive's northernmost point. The popular beach is known for its Bhel puri (local fast food). Families, groups of friends, and romantic couples can enjoy a lovely evening at one of the many seaside stalls that serve delectable food and beverages.

  • Attend live performance with a spectacular natural backdrop:

Numerous events have been held along the Marine Drive walkway over the years, regarded as the most extensive viewing gallery in the world. Among the events on the list are the Bombay Marathon, the IAF Airshow, the French Festival, the International Fleet Review, and numerous others. Additionally, there are several lovely projects, such as open-air galleries and an improvised promenade near Nariman Point.

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