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The well-known organization Dhobi Ghat is situated in the center of Mumbai. This location, close to Mahalaxmi Ghat, is where washermen and women wash and deliver the clothes of 50% of Mumbai's residents. Things to do at Dhobi Ghat:

 Learn about the history, utility, and relevance of the place: The Dhobi Ghat is so named because the people who wash the clothes are known as 'Dhobi.' People who work here start working at 4:30 am and continue working until late at 10:00 pm. There are nearly 721 stones where people wash their clothes the old-fashioned way. They use caustic soda, flogging stones, and a tonne of water to wash the clothes. This has existed since the Victorian era, or roughly 140 years ago. As many as 800 families rely on this company, which makes sure to continue using the old-fashioned way of washing clothes. Learn about eh laurels and accomplishments earned by this industry: If you look inside the Ghat, you can see how the lower middle class is currently living and how the dhobis are occupied with washing dirty laundry from all over Mumbai. For many years, washing has been many families' primary income source. Dhobi Ghat officially entered its name in the Guinness Book of World Records in March 2011. The most well-known site in the world is renowned for its laundry services and recycling of sarees and other clothing items sold at deep discounts at various local markets. Aamir Khan also starred in the movie Dhobi Ghat, which depicts the washermen's daily lives and how they contribute significantly to society. Observe the laundry's organized chaos: It wouldn't take long to explore Dhobi Ghat's gloomy lanes. You can see the washing troughs from the British era, pass by miles of cloth hanging lines, and see the ironing sheds. Over 700 washer families live in the area and thrash clothing on their own stones daily. Most dhobis still wash their clothes using platforms and troughs created and constructed during British rule, even though some have installed automated washers and dryers. By midday and early afternoon, loads of clothing are hung outside to dry in the sun.

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Address of Dhobi Ghat

Dr. E. Moses Rd. near Mahalakshmi Station, Mumbai, India

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