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Moscow, the most populous city in Europe and this bustling capital, is home to many notable landmarks and is a potent blend of history and modernity. When it was first mentioned 800 years ago, Russia's capital was merely a little town, but there is now enough to keep you busy for months. This is the definitive list of activities to do in Moscow for visitors who are visiting for the first time, including visiting the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral, taking a cable car from Sparrow Hills, and ice skating in Gorky Park.

St Basil's Cathedral: 

No matter how long you plan to spend in Moscow, you must allot some time to take in the classic sight of the Russian city with St. Basil's Cathedral's shimmering rainbow rooftops. The building was intended to resemble bonfire flames, hence the onion-shaped domes. 

Ivan the Terrible ordered the construction of the church in the 1500s, and according to legend, the Tsar found it to be so exquisite that he had the architect made blind so future works would never outdo it.

Moscow Kremlin: 

The Kremlin in Moscow, the largest functioning fortress in Europe, is enough to keep visitors entertained for a week. There are five squares to roam around, numerous buildings to visit, 20 towers to learn the names of, and the largest bell and cannon in the world to see once you pass through the 2,235m of walls.

Lenin's Mausoleum: 

Lenin's Mausoleum, one of Russia's most divisive tourist destinations, contains an embalmed body of the illustrious Russian revolutionary, Vladimir Lenin, in a glass tomb. Around 2.5 million people visit the Mausoleum each year, apparently willing to wait in line and submit to a thorough check to enter Lenin's presence since it first opened to the public in August 1924.

Arbat Street: 

One of Moscow's most popular tourist destinations is Arbat, a chic, pedestrianized street located in the heart of the historic city. Arbat attracts throngs of tourists every day thanks to its abundance of restaurants and cafes live musicians and caricaturists, monuments, a theater, gift shops, and tattoo parlors.

Sparrow Hills: 

Sparrow Hills is the other fabled park in the city and may be reached by strolling along the Moscow River embankment from Gorky Park. Although the park doesn't have as many attractions as its trendy neighbor, you may visit the Moscow State University, the tallest of the seven Stalinist structures, and have a closer look at it. You can also take a cable car ride or enjoy the view from the observation deck.

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