Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation

The most well-known park in Moscow is Gorky Park, which was developed during the Soviet era as a center for leisure and cultural activities. Both locals and visitors to Moscow adore the park, which they frequent year-round for strolls, sporting events, and other recreational activities.

Gorky Park is the focal point of a group of four parks, including Neskuchny Garden, the Muzeon Park of Arts, and Sparrow Hills Nature Reserve, that encircle the southern bank of the Moskva River to the southwest of Moscow's central business district. While on vacation in Moscow, you can spend some time here and take in natural beauty and contemporary art.

Outdoor activities:

The expansive and diverse grounds of Gorky Park are great for more than just strolls! By renting boats to sail on the Pionersky and Bolshoi Golitsynsky Ponds or by going to the Olivkovy Beach on the Pushkinskaya Embankment to sunbathe, you may unwind on the water.

In addition, you can play table tennis, play basketball, handball, football, badminton, or volleyball at the sports complex, rent bicycles, electric scooters, longboards, or even skateboards to explore the park and embankments or go to the Vans Skatepark or Nike Sports Center for workouts and classes like rooftop yoga.

Park Attractions:

You'll find a multitude of attractions when strolling around Gorky Park's tree-lined walks. A stunning geometric bandstand that was once utilized for literary and musical evenings is located close to the river, to the west of the main entrance. From the main entrance, walk along the central alley of Gorky Park, where you'll pass a monument of Maxim Gorky on your right and come across the dancing water jets of the light and music fountain.

The Golitsynsky Garden is located in the southern portion of Gorky Park. Here, as a hospital for the underprivileged, the Golitsyn Hospital was established in 1802, and it still borders Gorky Park today. From the hospital building to the riverbank, gardens were built as a location for patients to unwind. These gardens had groomed gardens, a Chinese Bridge, and two ponds. The Rotunda of the Golitsyn Hospital, which has been maintained since the 19th century, is located on the riverfront. Along with the fountain, there is a rose garden near the Bolshoi Golitsynsky Pond.

Gorky Park Museum:

On the left pier of the entrance arch, see the Gorky Park Museum. The present exhibit, which is focused on Gorky Park during its golden age in the 1930s, charts the growth of Moscow's main park as seen through Betty Glan's eyes. On top of the arch is an observation platform that provides a wonderful view of the park and Moscow's cityscape.

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Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation

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