Churchill War Rooms

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The Churchill War Rooms are hidden behind a group of buildings in Whitehall, Westminster, London. The Churchill War Rooms enlighten you about life in London during World War II. These were utilized by the British government from 1939 to 1945 but are now a component of the Imperial War Museum. The War Rooms were used as an intelligence hub to offer summaries to King George VI and a wartime bunker for Churchill and his administration during the Blitz.

The museum here has a whole area devoted to Winston Churchill, a former British prime minister who presided from 1940 to 1945. Churchill placed a bunker there, which was used for war-related proceedings that gave Churchill and his government a secret and secure location for discussions. 

How to explore Churchill War rooms? 

  • Learn about the decisions Churchill and his key ministers made with the heads of the British Armed Forces in the Cabinet Room, which significantly impacted the outcome of World War II. During Cabinet sessions, this room would be highly secured due to the sensitive nature of the discussions that took place inside. 
  • The Map Room's books, maps, and calendars are all still there, just as they were in 1945 when the room was last utilized. 
  • Find out what it was like for the hundreds of men and women who spent their time during the war in the underground War Rooms while bombs rained down above them. 
  • Visit the Churchill Museum to learn more about Winston Churchill himself. Relics from his life, both personal and historical, are revealed in this museum. 
  • Audio recordings of Churchill's inspiring wartime speeches, hundreds of letters between Churchill and his wife Clementine, and even one of Churchill's favorite cigars are on display.
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  • Take a tour of the Uk Supreme court, located on the top level.
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Address of Churchill War Rooms

King Charles Street, Clive Steps Westminster, London SW1A 2AQ England

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