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The Collegiate Church of Saint Peter was once known as Westminster Abbey, a Gothic abbey in the city of Westminster. One of the most well-known religious structures in the world, it provides guests with regular devotional sessions. Its initial purpose when it was constructed around 1250 was as a center for monastic gatherings. Here, it used to be customary to hold 'chapters,' read from the Bible, and execute other daily tasks. The House of Commons gathered here in the fourteenth century and discussed politics and government problems. The English Parliament actually began here because the preliminary King's Great Council convened here in 1257.

The Abbey is regarded as one of the most well-known London landmarks where royal weddings and coronations are conducted. Due to Abbey's long history, it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How to explore Westminster Abbey?

  • The Coronation Chair is on display in the Nave, where Britain's kings are often crowned. St. George's Chapel is guarded by railings, though.
  • A stone called the Stone of Scone was designed to be held by the Coronation Chair. According to legend, Edward I had the stone taken from the Scots in 1296 so that it may be used at English coronations.
  • Visit the poet's corner to see the graves and memorials of several renowned poets, authors, and playwrights. Watch for sculptures and plaques honoring historical writers like William Shakespeare.
  • The walls are covered with medieval artwork that depicts prophetic biblical events.
  • Your gaze will inevitably be pulled to the beautiful pillar in the room's middle as you examine Abbey's stained-glass windows rising to the ceiling. The windows arch down from the ceiling, accented by the Gothic fan-like shape. The ruins of a medieval tiled floor, which are roped off in the room's middle, are another noteworthy feature. It is designated as 'one of the finest medieval tile pavements in England' on the official website of Westminster Abbey.
  • Look for the Pyx Chamber, a medieval chamber located in the East Cloisters of the Abbey. This oldest chamber in London and one of the oldest buildings in the Abbey was constructed between 1070 and 1080 AD. The name derives from its use as a royal treasury in the thirteenth century. A box (pyx) that contains gold and silver pieces is referred to as a pyx. Due to its old symbolic representation, you can understand the heavy oak door! It had five locks originally.
  • To attend church services, go to the High Altar. In addition, it was the place where Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953 in front of more than 8,000 visitors.
  • You may locate a fantastic stone screen that divides the Nave part of the Abbey from the Choir area. The Quire Screen is seen here. All of these monastery churches have an elaborate entryway that serves the same purpose. Real gold was used for gilding the pieces. The original design dates back to the Middle Ages.
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Address of Westminster Abbey

20 Dean's Yard Broad Sanctuary, London SW1P 3PA England

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