Al Wahbah Crater

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The volcanic crater Al Wahbah, located in the Hejaz on the western edge of the Hafar Kishb basalt plateau, is a natural anomaly in the middle of a flat, arid desert. The gigantic crater, long thought to have been created by a previous meteor hit, was revealed to have formed due to volcanic activity. Its peculiar salt deposit and the verdant greenery encircle its rim, surrounded by a dry, desolate desert, although it has vegetation and palm trees.


  • It is a 1.2-mile-wide and more than 800-foot-deep striking pockmark on the planet's surface. The area is even more beautiful because of the surrounding white phosphate plain, which produces a pattern of beige psychedelia.
  • The visitor center has a display that goes into the structure and composition of the crater. Go to the museum to learn more about the crater's geology.
  • The crater and its surroundings are visible from seated viewing places. These settings are ideal for having a seat and taking in a leisurely dinner while enjoying the surrounding beauty.
  • The crater has gained popularity as a camping destination due to the recent attention given to Saudi Arabia's tourism industry. Roads and signs have been constructed on the site to make visitation easier. That is until a fresh, significant explosion changes the surroundings.
  • If you want a closer look, a short trail with roughly constructed steps leads to the crater's base. It takes an hour to get to the ground and two hours to get back up. It's a long hike, and the weather is hot and dry. Visitors who want to follow the descent are encouraged to pack food and water and stop anytime they are hungry or thirsty.
  • Hiking boots are also recommended. The location is far distant, and phone reception is poor. Some tourists circle the crater's rim on foot, but doing so can take up to three hours.
  • The nearby lava fields are also accessible; a car or cab will take you there in only ten minutes. Depending on your preference, take in either the sunrise or the sunset. The desert looks incredibly beautiful since there are no surrounding lights between dawn and dusk, which are both breathtakingly beautiful.

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    2 hours 30 minutes

Address of Al Wahbah Crater

Hafir Kishb, Taif Saudi Arabia

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