Akamal Mall

Akamal Mall in Taif is a modern and upscale shopping destination that caters to the discerning tastes of both locals and tourists. The mall boasts an impressive array of high-end brands and popular retailers, making it a go-to place for fashion enthusiasts and those seeking quality products. One of the main highlights of Akamal Mall is the presence of an H&M outlet, providing fashion-forward clothing and accessories for men, women, and children.

Akamal Mall provides a luxurious and comfortable shopping experience, with air-conditioned interiors and a wide range of stores to explore. For those in need of a coffee break or a refreshing beverage, Akamal Mall features a Starbucks café where visitors can enjoy their favorite drinks.

Besides shopping and dining options, the mall may offer additional amenities like restrooms, prayer rooms, and ample parking facilities for visitors' convenience. While enjoying the modern ambiance of the mall, remember to respect local customs and traditions when interacting with locals and fellow visitors.

Things to do at Akamal Mall

High-End Shopping: Explore the mall's diverse collection of high-end brands and boutiques. Shop for fashionable clothing, accessories, and luxury items.

Indulge in Retail Therapy: Treat yourself to a day of retail therapy as you browse through the wide selection of products, from designer labels to trendy fashion pieces.

Enjoy Starbucks Coffee: Take a break and recharge at the Starbucks café within the mall. Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee, a delicious Frappuccino, or your favorite Starbucks beverage.

Try Local and International Cuisine: Savor a variety of cuisines at the mall's restaurants and food courts. Experience Arabian flavors, international dishes, and delectable desserts.

Capture the Moments: Capture memorable moments at the mall with friends and family. Don't forget to take photos at attractive spots or in front of your favorite stores.

Socialize and Relax: Meet up with friends or make new acquaintances while spending quality time at the mall. Socialize in a comfortable and chic environment.

  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of Akamal Mall

6780 Shahar, Taif 26513 2413, 2413, Taif 26513, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Akamal Mall

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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