Taif is a city in Saudi Arabia, in its Mecca province. Perched thousands of meters above sea level, soaring mountains of Al Shafa peering over it, the narrow picturesque roads snake around the slopes, wild baboons making occasional appearance. A charming mild breeze blowing through the summer, and colorful flowers and green parks are sprinkled throughout, that makes it Saudi Arabia’s primary summer resort. It’s primarily famous for its throng of roses that sweep across its terrains, turning it into a pink field in summer, rightly referred to as “city of roses”. Religion and history swarm its space, known mostly for gorgeous Shubra Palace, and sacred site of Prophet Muhammed’s cousin’s tomb, its museums displaying the pre-Islamic history. Golden houses pepper its narrow alleyways, and the people are welcoming and jam the Taif Central Market swamped with fresh fruits and produce.

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Locals are very helpful, but they don't know English much.
Helpful Tips for Taif

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