Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, conjures up images of a parade of sophisticated and elegant European architectures and tasteful music and bourgeois dishes; incurs utterances like 'the crown of the world' – and rightfully so. The River Vltava ripples through the city, with over thirty bridges, like the famous Charles Bridge, and footbridges crisscrossing its width, providing a wondrous view of the river and the city sprawled ahead. All around the river have sprung up stunning, towering church spires and architectures from centuries past, that’d make you stare for hours – be it the beautiful Prague Castle, or the St. Vitus Cathedral, or the Royal Palace. 

The cobbled streets and the little cafes and ancient chapels tucked away into some untrampled neighborhoods like Vinohrady or Bubenec give it a rustic, charming feel. Prague is also a gigantic accumulation of cultures and heritage. The museums, art galleries, and street corners of the Old Town Square are adorned with impressive Bohemian arts, paintings, and historical artifacts dating back to the 14th century. The heart of Europe, this city throbs with classical as well as contemporary music scenes and a vibrant urban life, and a reputation for having the best beer in the world. more more
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Helpful tips for Prague

  • Beware of Currency Exchange Scams.
  • Visit the Charles Bridge at dawn to avoid the stuffy crowd of onlookers and hawkers.
  • Renting a car is useful only if you plan to tour outside Prague, due to the traffic-jammed streets and frustrating parking.
  • Helpful Tips for Prague

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