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Arambol Beach is lovely and calm is one of North Goa's top beaches, and is comparatively underutilized by tourist activity. Arambol beach, is one of Goa's most impressive beaches, with a distinctly bohemian vibe that draws travelers from all over the world.

The beach is surrounded by Morjim on one end and Keri or Querim beach on the other, making it one of Goa's northernmost beaches. The rocky and sandy Arambol Beach is bordered by jungles on one end and the ocean on the other. There is something for every soul in Arambol, whether it is wellness pursuits at a yoga class on the beach, a weekend seaside market at dusk, a mystical baba on top of a hillock, jumping over a cliff to paraglide, a drum circle or simply meandering about the kitschy market alleyways.

Sweet Water Beach:

The sweet water lake or lagoon at the end of the next beach, Kalacha beach, is another reason why Arambol Beach is so well-known. It can only be reached on foot, and swimming in its calm, shallow waters is a real treat. Additionally, the sand in this area is reputed to be therapeutic.

The travelers are treated to a visual delight by the silky white sand and the clear waters, which are ideal for sunbathing. The majority of the Arambol beach is a long, curving expanse of sand that is ideal for swimming. If you want adventure, a tiny hilltop close to the beach also provides paragliding and boat tours to see dolphins.

Arambol Beach Shacks:

Many of Goa's trendiest beach parties are held at the beach shacks on Arambol Beach. This location is ideal for partygoers because of the nearby jungle, lagoon, lake, hammocks, and stunning charm of the area. Several locations are performing live music, and there is a laid-back atmosphere everywhere.

As people swarm in large numbers for a night of enthusiastic partying is another major appeal for the masses here. There are numerous shacks in Arambol that offer wonderful meals and a laid-back atmosphere.

Amazing and authentic Goan food can be found at restaurants like Basho's, Laughing Buddha, and Relax Inn. Don't forget to try the delights like Sorpotel, Vindaloo, Cafreal, and other fresh, straightforward fish. Here, you may hang out with your friends all day and all night long while enjoying finger foods. If you come here for an early morning stroll, these shacks will even give you breakfast.

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Panjim, India

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