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The lovely South Goa town of Chinchinim is home to the Church of Our Lady of Hope. The church has a façade that is nearly identical to those at Varca, Benaulim, and Curtorim and shares a similar architectural style.

The church, also known as Nossa Senhora de Esperanca Igreja em Chinchinim in Portuguese, was constructed by the Jesuits in 1590. It lacks side chapels and just contains a false transept, the main prayer room, and a tile-roofed nave.

Following the renovation, additional components were added to the building, including barrel vaults and semicircular shell niches. Two towers on the façade are somewhat recessed. Cupolas and skylights can be found in the crown over the central part.

The Church's main altar is devoted to Our Lady of Hope. The ornately carved wooden altar is located to the left of the main altar. Jesus is crucified on a large cross, and below it is two enormous statues of both Mother Mary and Jesus. The altar on the left side is devoted to St. Peter.

On the flanks, there are three lovely wooden altars. The pulpit that the priest used to deliver sermons to the populace in earlier times is still in good condition next to the altar dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, which was built in 1919. The Blessed Sacrament is stored in a little chapel that is direct across from the pulpit.

Fairs and Festivals:

Every year on September 8, the Blessed Virgin Mary's birthday, this church observes its feast day. Since September 8, the villagers instead celebrate the feast on September 11, which is the Sunday following September 8. One of the first feasts to be celebrated following the monsoons is this village celebration, which is followed by several other church celebrations.

Vendors from near and far set up stalls on the church grounds and adjacent to the cemetery, drawing sizable crowds. In addition to Chinchonkars, residents of the surrounding villages and also visitors from all over the world frequently attend the week-long fair as well.

The first day, which is the feast day, is crowded and shopping fervor is strong. There are many options available, with something to satisfy any consumer, whether they are a toddler, teenager, or adult, from food to fancy apparel, toys and teddies, pots and pans, and more.

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Address of Church of Our Lady Of Hope

Candolim, Panjim, India

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