Vallon des Auffes

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Vallon des Auffes is a tiny waterway with a pair of tiny cliffs on the Marseille shore. It's a journey back in time with its multicolored fishing houses and boats.


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The Vallon des Auffes is the most well-known creek; it gets its name from a type of grass that was once used to make fishing nets and ropes.

Italian immigrants, primarily fishermen, established it in the 18th century.

However, the Corniche Kennedy and the bridge that crosses the valley were only constructed in the 19th century. It connected Marseille's rest of the city to the remote Vallon des Auffes. It is now quite simple to get to.

Watch the old-world charm come to life as you browse the alleys:

A short distance from freeways, villas, and high-rise apartment buildings, fishermen's huts and vibrantly colored traditional fishing boats huddle in a scene that appears to have remained untouched for decades.

The entire coastline encapsulates Marseille's ability to meld old and new, wealthy and impoverished.

It's a fantastic way to see Marseille from a unique, more conventional perspective.

It is currently the location to find 'La Dolce Vita':

You can find 'La Dolce Vita' straight out of the travel manuals in a very tiny area:

The Michelin-starred L'Epuisette and the venerable Chez Fonfon are two of Marseille's most fantastic fish restaurants, and both are located in the Vallon des Auffes. Both have bouillabaisse that is well-known.

An inviting, family-run pizza with a history dating back to 1949, Chez Jeannot is ideal for tastes and budgets with more restraint. It recently had a stunning 1950s-era makeover.

Swim in the bay or off the cliffs:

The beachfront sits a little distance from the main road and down sleepy, winding residential back streets.

There are only rocks and a fantastic atmosphere, no beaches.

In the afternoon, remember to pack a picnic and drinks for yourself.

Explore the neighborhood:

Nearby, there are several more lesser-known creeks.

They include the Vallon de Malmousque and the Vallon de la Fausse Monnaie (named such because counterfeiters' tools were found there when building the adjoining bridge), among others.

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Address of Vallon des Auffes

2.5 km south-west of the Vieux-Port, Marseille, France

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