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The MUCEM is one of the largest ethnographic museums in the world, with a total gross floor area of more than 55,000 square meters (592,000 square feet). The complex comprises two nearby structures on Marseille's waterfront: the historic Fort Saint-Jean and a brand-new, iconic design created by French architect Rudy Ricciotti and completed in 2013; a 115-meter-long pedestrian bridge connects the structures.


  • Garden of Migrations will give you botanical insights:

The visitors are invited to stroll through the brand-new Mediterranean garden and explore the 'wealth' of its art collection, well-known customs, and contemporary creations from the region. The location offers outdoor performances, a coffee shop, and a library/bookstThe suburb of 'Panier' is connected by a second footbridge.

This garden features typical Mediterranean plants and flowers like myrtle, milk thistle, thyme, sage, savory, and lavender, as well as a kitchen garden with tomatoes, courgettes, and sweet peppers.

  • Browse the collections at Esplanade J4:

The new structure is situated on the former J4 Esplanade harbor breakwater, which Rudy Ricciotti, in collaboration with Roland Carta, constructed. It is 3690 sq mtrs and houses the Mucem's beating heart. There are two locations for exhibitions: the first is the Mediterranean gallery, which is devoted to exploring various significant developments in Mediterranean civilizations.

  • Why not plan a family discovery trip to Marseille?

The youngsters will be amazed! J4 has a separate section just for kids. It also contains:

  1. a venue for performances, concerts, and movie cycles
  2. a bookstore
  3. a three-star chef-run restaurant with a view. Gerald Passédat
  • Explore the Fort Saint-Jean:

The historical landmark 'Saint Jean Fort,' which has been restored, is an area of 15,000 square meters and was built in the 12th century.

Visitors can take in breathtaking views that were previously hidden thanks to a footbridge that connects the J4 to the sea.

  • Prepare for a stopover filled with pleasant surprises at The Resource and Conservation Center (CCR)

The conservation and resources center (CCR - 14 000 sqm), created by the architect Corinne Vezzoni in collaboration with André Jollivet, is located on a third site in the 'Belle de Mai' neighborhood. The museum's storage spaces and a reference library are located in a third structure called the Centre de Conservation et des Ressources (CCR), which is situated in the Belle de Mai neighborhood.

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Address of Mucem

1 Esp. J4, Marseille, France

Opening & Closing time of Mucem

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