Jardin Majorelle

The Jardin Majorelle, or Majorelle Garden, is one of the most captivating botanical gardens in Morocco, spanning over 9,000 sq. m.. The garden is enclosed by walls and features a labyrinth of crisscrossing alleyways on different levels and boldly colored buildings that blend both Art Deco and Moorish influences.

The French painter Jacques Majorelle had the idea of creating a garden that would serve as a tranquil place. Also, he wanted it to be a place for a botanical laboratory. In 1922, he started planting the garden with rare and unique plants that he collected from various parts of the world.

The garden has become incredibly popular, and it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Morocco. It is more than a tranquil place featuring magical gardens, art deco architecture, a museum, courtyard cafe, chic boutique, etc.

Things to do at Jardin Majorelle:

  • Explore the Gardens: Take your time to explore the beautiful gardens and marvel at the vivid colors, exotic plants, and serene atmosphere. Admire the plant collection and the varied collection of flora from around the world.
  • Visit the Berber Museum: Inside the garden, you'll find the Berber Museum, which showcases a fascinating collection of Berber artifacts, including jewelry, textiles, pottery, and traditional clothing. It offers insight into the rich cultural heritage of the indigenous Berber people.
  • Admire the Blue Villa: The striking cobalt blue villa within the garden is a standout feature. Designed by French painter Jacques Majorelle, the vibrant blue color and unique architectural style create a visually captivating sight.
  • Relax at the Café: Take a break from exploring and enjoy a refreshing drink or a traditional Moroccan meal at the garden's café. It offers a tranquil ambiance and a chance to rejuvenate amidst the lush surroundings.
  • Shop at the Boutique: Jardin Majorelle features a chic boutique where you can find a range of Moroccan handicrafts, including ceramics, textiles, jewelry, and artwork. Browse through the selection and take home a piece of Moroccan craftsmanship.
  • Capture Memorable Photos: The garden's picturesque landscapes and vibrant colors provide ample opportunities for photography. Capture the beauty of the surroundings, the intricate details, and the unique architecture to preserve your memories of Jardin Majorelle.
  • Learn about Yves Saint Laurent: Jardin Majorelle was later owned by the famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé. Discover more about their connection to the garden and their impact on preserving its beauty and heritage.
  • Learn about Yves Saint Laurent: In 1980, the French fashion designer and his partner Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé bought Jardin Majorelle to preserve the vision of Jacques Majorelle and keep it open to the public. Discover more about them.
  • imageDuration Required
    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Jardin Majorelle

Rue Yves St Laurent, Marrakech 40090, Morocco

Opening & Closing time of Jardin Majorelle

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