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Lycians, who don't fear death and believe in the immortality of the soul, are known for their many tombs and sarcophagi that can be seen worldwide. One is the Lion Tomb, which can be seen at the end of Uzunçarş street.

With its commanding outlook, this location—one of the must-see spots in Kas—will relive history for you. Dating back to the fourth century BC, it is known as the emblem of Kas, and hidden behind a plane tree.

Things to do at Lion's Tomb:

  • History is set in stone for you to decipher: The tomb's name is derived from the presence of two lion heads at the top of the tomb, one on each side of the top of the coffin. The upper reliefs, which depict illustrious individuals, are another feature that sets this tomb apart. You can observe the art, history, and physical manifestation of the Lion Sarcophagus when you look at its specifics. This tomb is made out of a three-part, tall stone sarcophagus. The bottom burial chamber has a base that rises 80 cm and a height of 1.5 meters and has male and female figurines on the side and two lion sculptures on the upper section.

  • The neighborhood is a paradise far away from the concrete jungles: From Kaş Square, beautiful streets branch off to the left and right. The most gorgeous of them, Kaş Uzunçarş, is so lovely that its old houses, which are adorned with bougainvillea and are now used as stores, may make people fall in love.

  • Relax after a day long excursion and takeaway a memoir: There are shops, eateries, and souvenir stores where the tomb is located, making it a welcoming site to explore. The best eateries in Kaş are lined up along the little lanes that you may access by turning right after the tomb.

  • Nearby Attractions: The massive Aslanite Sarcophagus in Kaş's Uzunçarş Avenue features two burial chambers, each constructed from a single block. The sarcophagus has a spectacular look created by aligning two sarcophagus boats in a row and is most likely believed to belong to a king or commander.
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Address of Lions Tomb

Andifli, Atatürk Blv., 07580 Kaş/Antalya, Türkiye

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