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The Titanic Museum in Branson Mo is a fascinating place that offers you a unique and interactive experience of one of the most tragic maritime disasters in history. From the moment you step aboard the museum, you get that inkling feeling of being transported to the year 1912, when the mighty Titanic set sail on its pioneering voyage from Southampton, England to New York City.

The museum shape is a blueprint of the Titanic voyage to give you an original vibe of the ship. Its exterior is an impressive replica of the original ship, complete with a towering smokestack and majestic bow. As you enter the museum, you'll be greeted by friendly and docent staff members who will provide you with a boarding pass that bears the name of a real passenger who was on the Titanic. Throughout your visit, you'll be able to pursue the passenger's journey and learn about their fate.

One of the unique features of the Titanic Museum in Branson Mo is the palatial staircase, which is an exact replica of the staircase that was featured in the movie 'Titanic.' The staircase is gloriously breathtaking, with its ornate carvings, stained glass windows, and grand chandelier. So, book your ticket, pack your bags, and get ready for a journey back in time that you'll never forget!

How to explore the Titanic Museum?

  • Explore the museum's profound collection of artifacts, memorabilia, and interactive displays that tell the story of the Titanic's ill-fated voyage. You'll be able to see actual artifacts that were recovered from the wreck of the Titanic, including a piece of the ship's hull, a life jacket, and the personal belongings of passengers and crew members.
  • Step inside a replica of a first-class cabin and experience what it was like to travel on the Titanic as a wealthy passenger.
  • Participate in hands-on activities, such as steering the ship in a simulated environment and sending a distress signal using Morse code.
  • Walk through the impressive Grand Staircase, which is an exact replica of the staircase featured in the movie 'Titanic.'
  • Learn about the story of the passengers and crew members who were aboard the Titanic through interactive exhibits and displays.
  • Visit the museum's gift shop, which offers a wide selection of Titanic-themed merchandise, including books, DVDs, and souvenirs.
  • Take part in special events and programs, such as lectures, tours, and Titanic-themed dinners, that are held throughout the year.
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    3 hours

Address of Titanic Museum

3235 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO 65616-3551

Opening & Closing time of Titanic Museum

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