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Sight & Sound Theaters, located in the town center of Branson Mo is a beautiful and awe-inspiring entertainment attraction. The theater incorporates extravagant scenery, cutting-edge technology, and infusion of real animals, making it a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience for people of all ages.

One thing distinguishing Sight & Sound Theaters is their dedication to bringing Bible stories to life in magnificent and spectacular ways. Their shows combine enthralling performances, breathtaking visual effects, and a compelling message that makes an indelible impression on audiences.

Behind-the-scenes tours, workshops, and interactive exhibitions are also available at Sight & Sound Theaters to give you a better knowledge of the production process. You can even meet some of the animals used in the acts and learn more about their training and care. Whether you like Bible stories or just enjoy good theater, this is a must-see for anybody visiting Branson Mo.

Things to witness at the Sight & Sound Theaters

  • Watch acclaimed live shows such as 'Moses,' a theatrical reenactment of the Biblical figure's life filled with epic wars, plagues, and miracles. 'Samson,' which depicts the story of the powerful judge and his collapse, might be the second live show.
  • Take one of the many behind-the-scenes excursions available to learn about behind the scenes of the shows. You'll get to see how the sets are built, meet some of the animals featured in the shows, and learn about the entire production process from beginning to end.
  • Sight & Sound Theaters offers a variety of classes on topics such as lighting design, set construction, and costume design for people interested in learning more about theater production.
  • There are also interactive exhibitions at the theater that allow you to get up close and personal with the props, costumes, and technology used in the shows. You may even attempt some of the special effects!
  • Before you go, stop by the gift shop to get a souvenir of your stay. There's something for everyone, from DVDs and CDs of the series to plush toys and t-shirts.
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    3 hours

Address of Sight & Sound Theaters

1001 Shepherd of the Hills Expy, Branson, MO 65616-8007

Opening & Closing time of Sight & Sound Theaters

  • Monday
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  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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