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Berlin Tourism

The capital city of Germany, Berlin is, undoubtedly, the most vibrant city in entire Europe. Despite its turbulent history, this exuberant city has carved its place as the world’s favorite travel destination. Hidden behind the industrial look of the city is magnificent art, captivating history and of course lively nightlife.

When in this old city with a young heart, go down the historical lane at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin Wall, and Checkpoint Charlie or explore your artsy side visit the East Side Gallery and Urban Nation Museum or eat the famous currywurst or just cycle down the lanes of Berlin just like the Berliners do.

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Reasons to visit Berlin

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Helpful tips for Berlin

  • Tipping is optional
  • The majority of the city’s institutions are closed on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday are the most suitable days for excursions.
  • Helpful Tips for Berlin

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