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The Friedrichstadt-Palast is the place in Europe closest to the glitz of Las Vegas, featuring opulent costumes, breathtaking stage settings, stunning dance routines, and fantastic music! The Grand Shows, kid's shows, and special guests draw 700,000 people each year, making the Palast the top theatre in Berlin by a wide margin. 

It is also the biggest ensuite show in the world, featuring more than 160 participants in each performance, including more than 100 artists.

There are main, side, front, and backstages, a water basin, and podiums in the main hall, which has 1,899 seats. The stage area is 2,200 square meters, and there are also 700 square meters of additional space with cutting-edge technology for movement. 

Things to do at Friedrichstadt Palast:

  • See it to believe it:

The Palast is exceptional worldwide due to its extensive programming and size. Even though the building doesn't appear very large from Friedrichstraße, appearances can be deceiving because it is 80 meters wide, 110 meters long, and has a volume of 195,000 cubic meters. The enormous building is the last significant building constructed by the German Democratic Republic, making it a remarkable architectural example of how Germany overcame its last division. 

  • The luxury of entertainment can be found at the Grand Shows:

The show palace changes from a showplace to a movie palace in February when it becomes the largest theatre for the Berlinale. The largest show palace in Europe's main auditorium, which has nearly 1900 seats, also features the Wall Sky Lounge, which exudes pure luxury and has a private bar for those extra-special nights out. The Grand Shows has cutting-edge feature design and are jam-packed with the most advanced high-tech effects. The Palast is also well-known for its 60-person ballet company, 16-person show band, and 250 Berlin children ages seven to sixteen who make up the Young Ensemble.

The Quatsch Comedy Club, located in the Friedrichstadt-Palast basement, is open to stand-up comedy fans. Visitors to the Berlinale, the city's renowned film festival, can then take in screenings of some of the best festival films here for a few weeks. 

  • The palace evokes a Vegas-style nightlife:

With hundreds of dazzling dancers, costumes, and routines, Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin is a must-see on any trip to Berlin. Over 300 people work on and behind the stage, including dancers, musicians, acrobats, sound engineers, set construction and stage technicians, and administrative staff. The Palast can create any scene, from a water basin to an ice rink or a circus ring, thanks to its cutting-edge technology. Additionally, it hosts the most significant laser show in all of Europe. And all of this is done so that it can put on a breathtakingly opulent show every night, complete with the recognizable Palast showgirls and their flawless dance moves!

  • Audiences are left stunned by the scintillating spectacle created by dance, music, lasers, and acrobatics:

The vibrant nightlife in the city consists of more than just clubs and electronic music; revues and cabarets are indispensable to the Berlin experience. Modern technology allows it to recreate complex and varied scenes like ice rinks, circus rings, and even a water basin.

Along with the iconic showgirls' svelte dance routines, The Palast hosts Europe's most significant laser show. Between 60 and 100 dancers are included in each ensemble, including the longest line of showgirls in history.

  • A night of lavish dining is in store:

Take a bite out of Berlin's thriving, multicultural culinary scene. Gourmets will adore the expertly prepared regional German specialties offered at the hotel's La Diva restaurant.

  • In the Neighborhood:

Berliners and tourists seeking solitude love Tiergarten's hidden groves, creeks, and shaded paths.

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Address of Friedrichstadt-Palast

Friedrichstr. 107, 10117 Berlin Germany

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