Rocher des Doms

The medieval hilltop park of Avignon is a popular picnic and strolling destination with stunning views of the city, river, neighboring vineyards, and countryside. The Rocher des Doms is a lovely seven-acre park perched on a rocky outcrop above the Palais des Papes. 

Avignon residents have been promenading this area since the 17th century, and inhabitants and visitors alike now appreciate the tranquillity of the park's gardens, picturesque terrace, and pond. 

Relax for an hour or two within this lovely haven that feels a world apart from the metropolis. Read the information panels sprinkled throughout the park to learn about the park's history. The park's rocky grottoes housed the area's first occupants thousands of years ago, which is why Rocher des Doms is also known as the Cradle of Avignon. 

Visit the statues of Avignon's notable people, including artist Paul San and poet and novelist Félix Gras. Relax by the pond and gaze out at Venus with Swallows across the water. This bronze sculpture from the nineteenth century was previously located near Avignon's St. Pierre church. The naked Venus, on the other hand, generated such a stir that the statue was relocated to the park. Enjoy coffee and cake while watching the ducks and swans glide over the lake at the pond-side café. 

If you want to be alone, there are lots of chairs, picnic areas, and peaceful shaded corners around Rocher des Doms. Step into the analemmatic clock and tell the time by your shadow. There are also children's play areas with a carousel and slides. Bring a camera to record the views of Avignon and its surroundings. The broad paved patio offers a particularly nice view of the Rhône River. 

A five-minute stroll from the Palais des Papes takes you to the hilltop garden. There are additional wheelchair and stroller-accessible ramps leading from the papal palace. The Rocher des Doms is also accessible from the Rhône River's banks. You can also buy a ticket for the miniature tourist train that runs from the area in front of the palace to the garden gates.

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    2 hours

Address of Rocher des Doms

Montee du Moulin off pl. du Palais, Avignon France

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