Ezdan Mall Al Wakrah

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Ezdan Mall offers a variety of retail options. Ezdan Mall, based in Al Wakrah, has been operating since 2013 and was the region's first shopping destination. Ezdan Wakra is committed to providing clients with the most engaging and distinctive shopping experience possible.

The Plaza Hollandi store is one of the 160 retail establishments in the Ezdan Mall, which is conveniently situated in the Al Wakrah neighborhood. To maintain its position as the most well-liked place to shop for in Al Wakrah and the neighboring areas. Ezdan Mall Al Wakrah is dedicated to providing the most desirable dining, entertainment, and shopping experiences. To this end, it continuously adds new products to its retail mix.

  • Shopping:

Shoppers! Now that you have your bag, you may go to Al Wakrah Ezdan Mall and fill it with some high-quality items. The mall offers a selection that not only fits every demand but also every budget and wardrobe, attending to every need. You may find the suitable items for your workstation, house, and kitchen that are marked with different brands.

Since millennials prioritize fashion, the mall features distinct areas for men, children, women, and various other retailers, bringing all the newest wardrobe collections under one roof. Find a large selection of shoes, durable sports equipment, and other fashionable items that fit your style.

A perfect spot to buy in Qatar, the mall has a supermarket with items for skincare, groceries, fresh produce, reasonably priced home furnishings, a department for baggage, and much more. The best salons and hair care facilities are found at Ezdan Mall in Al Wakrah, where you can even receive a makeover.

  • Plaza Hollandi at Ezdan Mall:

The business at the Ezdan Mall Al Wakrah offers an exquisite assortment of flowers, plants, and opulent presents that are sourced and flown in just for customers from all over the world. Plaza Hollandi and its gifted floral designers and horticultural experts have established themselves as Qatar's top high-end, exquisite flower shop, garden center, and plant nursery thanks to their focus on excellence and uniqueness in both products and services. Luxurious designs created by professionals with worldwide training.

  • Eateries:

With its calm and relaxed atmosphere, the Ezdan mall in Al Wakrah offers a variety of tastes and a luxury vibe. Some cafes and eateries provide the ideal setting for unwinding and savoring a light meal. The restaurants here offer you selections so you can pick the best sweets in addition to a mouthwatering zest. Check out these top eateries at the Al Wakrah mall.

  1. Firefly Burger
  2. Grand Joud
  3. Hardees
  4. Mado Café
  5. KFC
  6. Lavender
  7. Fajitas Mexican Grill
  8. Boardwalk Fries
  9. Cane Hut
  10. German Don
  11. Starbucks
  12. Sugar & Spice
  13. X Fire
  14. Wrap by T
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Address of Ezdan Mall Al Wakrah

Al Wukair St, Al Wakrah 4505 Qatar

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