Al Wakrah Yard Farmers Market

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Shopping at one of Qatar's farmers' yards, Al Wakrah Yard Farmers Market is a terrific opportunity to support the regional farming community and save some money, whether you want to pick up a bite of homemade balaleet or purchase a bouquet.

Customers are expected to purchase products from over 20 local farms, including Al Safwa Organic Farm, at Al Mazrouah Yard, a rustic, no-frills outdoor market with big awnings. Don't let the bulk buying deter you; you can always go with a companion and split the costs.

Midway through the year, the growing season is just getting started, thus the market is still without tomatoes and hydroponic lettuce. However, there are also enormous bunches of herbs like coriander and dill, as well as beans, gourds, aubergines, and cucumbers. Additionally, you can find ghee, fresh dates, local honey, eggs, and handcrafted spice blends.

At the farmers' yards, cash is required because there are no credit card machines present. All produce at the main market, which is covered by canopies, has large, white cards with prices printed in both Arabic and English. Baladiya sets the prices after daily inspections of the products to ensure that they are reasonable and competitive.

Fruit and vegetables from other countries are only sold in a limited portion of the market. You may get a variety of international produce here, including plums, pineapples, peaches, and potatoes from Pakistan.

More than Veg:

A tiny café owned by a Qatari home cook is located at the market's entrance and offers balaleet, chickpeas, and Arabic bread for cheap, as well as homemade coffee, chili sauces, and spice mixes, karak, and juices. At one of the open, covered seating areas, you may get a hearty breakfast and observe the market activity.

A small fish market selling fresh seafood, including sherri, hamour, and crab, is also on the property. The fish is kept in big glass stalls and put on ice or in refrigerated boxes for show. Fish are offered whole and prices are negotiable; however, you can have your purchase cleaned and fileted for $0.27 per kilo.

Aloe, basil, jasmine, rose, and papaya are just a few of the imported and native indoor and outdoor plants available at a tiny garden shop run by the Arab Qatari Agricultural Production Company. A little store selling exceptionally fresh, locally grown lilies in a range of hues and amounts may be found in the yard's middle.

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Address of Al Wakrah Yard Farmers Market

Al Wukair St, Al Wakrah, Qatar

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