Yanbu Night Market

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The oldest market in the Saudi city, Yanbu Night Market, has long drawn both young and old customers. It experienced a period of decline but has recently undergone restoration and resuscitation and is now regarded as one of the most significant historical places on the west coast of the Kingdom. According to locals, the area's history can be traced back hundreds of years to the time when passenger ships and commerce ships carrying pilgrims to and from the Hajj and Umrah as well as supplies from East Asia and Africa would land there.

The sailors and fishermen who would buy supplies there just before setting sail in the early morning dubbed it the night market. It developed a reputation as one of the best fish markets in the area as the fisherman would return to sell their fresh catches. Over the years, many fishermen have set up shop there, and the most recent generation has carried on the practice by selling their catch to locals and restaurants.

Restoration in the past years:

After several decades of decline during which the number of dealers and tourists gradually decreased, several successful projects have been initiated in recent years to revitalize the market and restore it to a state that is something akin to its previous splendor.

As part of an effort to renovate Yanbu's ancient Al-Sour neighborhood, the old stores have now been reopened and the market's tradition and distinctive identity have been strengthened. The region is well-liked by both locals and tourists, and the buildings there are of classic coastal design and construction.

Market Events:

The market hosts several family-friendly leisure events during the Historic Yanbu festival. With the aid of the traditional market, many prosperous families can sell their items and increase their revenue. The market also helps to advance regional tourism and the local economy.


One of Yanbu's most significant historical sites and a must-see for visitors is the city's historic Night Market. It was renowned for selling regional foods like fish, dates, honey, ghee, and other local foods, and it overlooks the Red Sea.

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Address of Yanbu Night Market

4173, 6386, Al Sur, Yanbu 46424, Saudi Arabia

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