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The Pont Neuf, a magnificent bridge built in the 16th century and across Toulouse's Garonne River, is one of the city's main symbols. The 720-foot-long bridge has seven varying-sized arches that give it an uneven appearance. For the best views of the building, stroll along the riverbanks between the trees.

Take pictures of the bridge from various perspectives to get a better idea of its appearance and size. The bridge has survived for many centuries. Its distinctive design includes platforms that extend into the river beneath its towering pillars.

Enjoy the amazing views of the Garonne River as it flows through the heart of the city as you stroll along the length of the bridge. Along the roomy walkways, you may even jog or ride a bike.

Spend some time unwinding on the well-kept grassy hill of the Prairie des Filtres park, which abuts the river between the Pont Neuf and the Pont Saint-Michel to the south. The park area is well-liked by students and offers a lively, laid-back atmosphere. Stay here to watch the sun go down and take in the bridge's silhouette against the ominous sky. At night, marvel at the brightly-colored arches' undersides.

Fun Fact: The bridge is not symmetrical; the third arch from the right-hand bank is the longest. Originally, it was planned for the pier openings to depict a lion's face and mane.

It should be noted that the bridge, which is always accessible for free, is also known as the Grand Pont and the Pont de Pierre. Pont Neuf, which translates to New Bridge in French but dates back to the 1500s, earned this name by being compared to an earlier bridge that originally existed next to it.

In Toulouse's central business center, the Garonne River is crossed by the Pont Neuf. Take the metro to the Esquirol stop, then take a short westward stroll to the bridge. On the western bank of the river, you can also go to the Saint-Cyprien-République metro station.

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