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The Strasbourg Christmas Market, a veritable institution that dates back to 1570 and is held annually between the last weekend in November and the first weekend in December around the Cathedral, has been operating continuously since that time. People travel there every year to soak up the quaint and warm spirit permeating the area during the winter holiday season.


  • Here are some examples of Christmas boundless energy and enthusiasm:

The Strasbourg Christmas Market, which dates back to 1570, is not only the oldest in France but also one of the oldest in Europe.

During the Christmas market, the city of Strasbourg takes on a truly unique atmosphere. Christmas carols are playing from the churches, the facades and streets are beautifully decorated, the store windows are sparkling, and the aroma of cinnamon and other spices fills the air, transporting you back to when you were a child.

  • There is still a solid adherence to time-honored and tried-and-true traditions here:

More than 300 chalets are decked in traditional decor to celebrate Alsatian cuisine and regional crafts (toys, lights, jewelry, and wooden accessories). Children and adults of all ages will be delighted by the traditional lighting and decorations placed in the town squares.

  • Embrace the dominance of the enormous Christmas tree located on Place Kléber:

This Christmas tree, which serves as the centerpiece of 'Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas,' is also recognized as the most ornate tree in Europe. Every year during the Christmas season, a tree that is thirty meters tall is transported to Place Kléber and then decorated with dazzling ornaments and lights. It is a symbol of an Alsatian custom that dates back 500 years and represents a city illuminated by the sun.

  • Each year, the spotlight is shone on a different country to serve as the guest of honor; here, one nation's traditions come to life on a global scale:

Concerts, performances, and exhibitions are just some forms of entertainment found in the town squares and on the side streets that are paved with cobblestone.

  • Wander around the different booths and pick up some adorable mementos:

Hundreds of businesspeople and artisans have taken up residence in the city center's roughly 300 chalets, erected virtually everywhere.

Visitors can get into the holiday spirit by shopping for unique presents, one-of-a-kind ornaments for their trees, and traditional foods and drinks. The magical and enchanting surroundings and the atmosphere of a fairy tale captivate every guest who comes to visit.

  • Discover the many activities that have been prepared for the enjoyment of families:

The Christkindelsmark is the main event, and it takes place on Place Broglie and in the area surrounding the Cathedral. This is where local artisans display their work and sell their wares.

Alsatian Small Producers Market: Small local growers and producers set up their stalls in Place des Meuniers for this delightful market of Alsatian tastes and flavors. Place des Meuniers is located in Alsace.

There is a market selling holiday treats at the Place du Marché-aux-Poissons, close to the Palais Rohan. It will feature food, drink, and brews produced by regional brewers, winemakers, and bakers.

  • Children's World at Place Saint Thomas welcomes children and their families:

During the Christmas Market, which lasts four weeks, the city is aglow with breathtaking illuminations as soon as night falls, contributing to the enchanting atmosphere.

The market is stretched and narrow, with lit-up trees running along Place Broglie and terminating in the shadow of Hotel deVille (city hall).

There is a regular projection show that told Christmas tales on the face of the building, serving as a significant backdrop for the market. The city hall serves as an important backdrop for the market.

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Address of Christmas Market (Christkindelsmarik)

Grand Île, Strasbourg, France

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Christmas Market (Christkindelsmarik)

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