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The very mention of the Salt Lake Temple conjures up images of grandeur and majesty. This majestic monument, located in the center of Salt Lake City, Utah, is a testament to the beauty and craftsmanship of the human spirit.

The history of the temple is as rich and inspirational as its architecture. Its construction began in 1853, just three years after Mormon pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. For 40 years, committed members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints labored painstakingly to construct a sacred space that reflected their commitment to God.

The Salt Lake Temple was meticulously designed in every detail, from the granite walls that climb over 200 feet to the elaborate spires that extend toward the sky. The interior of the temple is equally stunning, with detailed paintings, stained glass windows, and lovely furniture that reflect the devotion and dedication of those who created it.

How to explore Salt Lake Temple?

  • The temple provides free guided tours which encompass its history, architecture, and significance to tourists flocking to the church.
  • The temple grounds are succinctly maintained and serve as a tranquil backdrop for a stroll or a picnic with family and friends.
  • The Visitors' Center, located next to the temple, has exhibits and displays that introduce you to the Christian faith and its principles.
  • The temple routinely holds public concerts, seminars, and other activities that provide an exclusive chance to enjoy the temple's interior splendor.
  • The temple has one of the world's largest genealogical libraries, where you can conduct family history research of the church benefactors and discover more about their ancestors.
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Address of Salt Lake Temple

50 W North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84150-9709

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