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Warbird Park, located on the Atlantic Ocean's coastlines in Myrtle Beach, is an absolute must for aviation aficionados and history buffs alike. As you walk through the park, you'll come across a stunning collection of aircraft from various eras, each with its own story to tell.

The park's centerpiece is an F-100 Super Sabre that stands tall and proud, as though preparing for takeoff. When standing next to such an iconic aircraft and imagining the pilots who once flew it into battle, it's difficult not to feel a sense of awe.

Warbird Park honors the nation's heroes' bravery and sacrifice, as well as the incredible machines that enabled them to accomplish the impossible. It's a place to pause, remember, and be inspired by the strength of the human spirit.

How to explore Warbird Park?

  • The park's biggest draw is its collection of aircraft on display. Take your time walking around, inspecting the planes up close, and reading the informational placards to learn about each aircraft's history. You'll see a range of aircraft planes as you go through the park, from the elegant and lethal F-4 Phantom to the huge C-47 transport jet.
  • With such an impressive array of airplanes, Warbird Park is an excellent location for photography. Take some great pictures with the planes as your backdrop.
  • See the Veterans Memorial Wall, which honors those who have served in the military forces. Spend some time reading the names and paying your respects.
  • There are numerous shaded picnic sites throughout the park where you may relax, eat a picnic, and enjoy the view of the planes and the ocean.
  • During the year, Warbird Park offers a number of events, including air shows, fly-ins, and other aviation-related activities. Visit the park's website for forthcoming events in which you can participate.
  • The park's fishing pier is a popular destination for anglers seeking to catch some fish while admiring the jets.

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Address of Warbird Park

Farrow Pkwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, USA

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