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The heritage site known as 'Pearling, Testimony of an Island Economy' can be found in the middle of Muharraq, formerly Bahrain's capital. It is known to be the only existing full example of the cultural practice of pearling and the wealth it created at a time when trade dominated the economy of the Gulf.


  • Understand the significance behind allocation as a UNESCO site: It tells the story of the extraordinary legacy left behind by Bahrain's pearling era through architecture and the urban heritage of Muharraq, as well as through three pearl-producing oyster beds in the northern territorial waters of Bahrain.
  • Get first-hand experience with various iconic narratives: The Pearling Path may be explored and enjoyed in its entirety at any point along its 3.5-kilometer length as it winds through the historic alleys of Muharraq. It has the size and scope of a public park, yet it serves as an urban room for the residents of Muharraq. Concrete components are positioned along the property line to create a new locus inside the congested metropolis.
  • Admire the pearl-shaped lampposts placed at regular intervals along the route: Muharraq was prized for its strategic location and the lucrative pearl fishing trade, and it has been occupied by the Greeks, the Portuguese, and the Persians throughout its history. Although the history dates back to the ancient Dilmun civilization, Muharraq has been inhabited by each nation. The pearling business, which played an important role in the economy from the second century until more recently, is the inspiration for the inscription.
  • Explore the museum for a dose of inspiration: The UNESCO World Cultural Heritage museum is housed in a mysterious home that is slightly hidden in the shadows behind the main building. When viewed as a whole, the tower generates a whole world inside itself, which serves as the entryway to the Pearling Path and the metropolis that lies beyond it.
  • Get educated about the sprawling industry here: Visitors can begin their tour at the Pearling Path Visitors and Interpretation Centre, located in the middle of Muharraq at the entrance to the Qayssareyah Suq. The center features a cafe, an auditorium, and an exhibition space that features changing displays related to pearling history.
  • As you explore, get fascinated by history and art: The entire structure serves the dual purpose of acting as the medina's lobby and the cultural heritage's entry. The urban components of the Pathway, such as the street lighting and the 16 public squares, have been finished and give a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be escorted through the historical pathways of Muharraq to rediscover the city's former status as the pearling center of the Gulf.
  • Taking the trail is still an excellent opportunity to learn about the local culture and history: In addition to the fort, this path passes through the Siyadi Mosque, built in the 19th century, the old souk district, and a tourist center. There are also other noteworthy mansions, such as the Shaikh Isa Bin Ali House, formerly a monarch's great residence, and the Al Alawi House, which is known for its traditional wind tower.
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6JX5+VGX, Muharraq, Bahrain

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